Friday, May 17, 2013

May 13, 2013

It was a great week with Mother's Day and all that good stuff.  My companion and I are really happy even though at times he really acts like a child - we get along really well.  We have really been seeing the miracles this week.  We have been visiting Leonardo just about every day trying to get him to accept a baptism date and progress more.  It just got complicated because his wife just had a baby and they are not married.  But with a lot of prayer and fasting we will see miracles.  We are also now teaching a guy named Melkis, he is the husband of a member.  He is progressing really well and we will hopefully put a baptism date with him right now when I leave from writing.  The Lord is powerful and he really answers prayers.  We had a zone conference with President this week and something that he said is that we need to be the kind of missionaries that we leave a mark on the area so that when the future missionaries come the members will say we want you to be like that Elder.  After a lot of time the branch is changing, they have all gotten excited to get working and to do what they are supposed to do.  It really is true with faith, prayers and the hope of a better future the Lord does the work.  If we do our part the Lord takes care of the outcome.  That is what matters. It doesn't matter if we baptize 100 - it matters that we do what the Lord wants!  WORK! WORK! WORK! That all there is.  We are working hard and loving life and I hope it's the same for you.  Pray for Melkis and the Ruiz Family.

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