Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013

Well another week has come and gone and this week has been a roller coaster.  We started off the week getting Tania ready to get baptized and everything was going awesome until we got to Thursday.  She had her interview Wednesday and was super ready to be baptized.  We showed up to her house on Thursday and she told us "I am not going to get baptized".  I just looked at her like what the heck happened.  I was so shocked and this day I learned a really good lesson.  I started talking and trying to convince her that she was ready; it wasn't doing any good and then the spirit spoke and told me to shut up.  I just shut my mouth and looked at her; we were there in silence for like 3 minutes.  It was a little awkward for a minute and then as I was sitting there the spirit came to my mind and told what to say.  I was able to share an experience with her from before my mission that helped her.  She started crying and so I expressed the love that our Heavenly Father and us as missionaries have for her.  As we were leaving she told "Yes, I am going to be baptized."  It was a really sacred experience.  I have really learned a lot about the spirit this week in helping my companion and helping investigators.  The words that we can say as humans really have little value but when the spirit enters into our hearts and minds and tells us what to say and do it becomes something that is eternal that the people really feel and know that God loves them.  The things that the spirit inspire us to do are PRICELESS!  It was awesome.  It is awesome to be able to feel the Lord direct me through the spirit.  I love it.  This week will be an interesting one.  I will have emergency changes this week and my companion is going home.  We will see what God has in store for us this week.  What a roller coaster.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

It was an awesome week.  I love being a missionary; really there is no greater joy than being a missionary and helping people change their lives!  This week on Wednesday we went to the temple and it was soooo awesome.  I love going to the temple and learning there.  As I was sitting in the celestial room just praying and analyzing everything that has been going on and what we have been doing, the spirit just entered my mind and I heard the words "Son, I am proud of you!"  It was an awesome and sacred experience at the same time.  I know that God lives and that he is our father; he is always there waiting to help us and listening to our prayers.  This weekend we had two baptisms!  I got to baptize them both - it was awesome!  Fabrico and Jeanine!  It was a super sweet experience just to see how much they have changed in the short time I have known them.  I love seeing how people change.  The changes are always drastic.  It just makes me realize how awesome this gospel really is.  As we left from the baptism the spirit we had with us was so strong, we were basically running from appointment to appointment because we were both so excited.  Then yesterday Fabrico didn't show up to church so he wasn't confirmed but next week he will be.  This work is the best!  The love loves us and he really provides the way that we can change and be better.  I love this gospel and love being a missionary.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pictures - YEAH!!!

 Love this Elder!
 Tegucigalpa Temple
 Missionaries doing service work
 Elder Lake with child
 Elders on the bus
Love this face - just can't get enough!!

September 9, 2013

It's been another week here in the mission; I don't know where all the time goes but oh well.  My companion got better just in time to pass it off to me and now I am sick! oh well!  We had a sweet experience this week.  I was on interchange this week with one of the Zone Leaders.  He came and we were working and went looking for an investigator; as we were almost to his house there was a little girl there.  She's like "Hey, I live down by the river with my parents."  So I asked her, "Are they there?"  She is like Ya but they are sleeping.  So we ended up not going.  We went to the investigators house and he wasn't there so we started heading back and we find the same little girl.  She asked, "Hey did you guys go to my house?" "No, you said your dad was asleep."  She is like "well my mom is there."  We listened to her.  This little 3 year old girl showed us who is boss.  We went down and found a bunch of members of the church that always go to the other ward but no one visits them.  We talked to them for a while and got a couple of references.  It was awesome!  I just love the little children.  Later that day we were talking to a 10 year old son of a member just outside so I asked him, "Hey, do you want to get baptized?" because he isn't a member yet.  He is like YES.  So I asked when and he said Sunday.  We responded with Saturday and he asked his dad and has a date for Saturday.  It was super awesome.  If all goes well we will have two baptisms this weekend.

Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

WEll it has been another week here in the mission. Time flies and it is crazy. Weeks just come and go like it is nothing but that is alright we are having a good time. My ocmpanion has been sick this week so it has been very few days that we have worked the whole day without a problem. Thats alright though. I have been studying a lot this week and have learned soo much. I love reading in Nefi he is the bomb with testifying of the savior! We have had some sweet experiences this week! Yesterday we went to the temple to have a fireside with our mission president and it was awesome! HE is the man! They talked about marriage and eternal marriage! Our few investigators that went loved it and all learnned a lot! The spirit was awesome there! As I was there I was thinking a lot about the priorities in life! The most important thing in life is God! God is more important than anything else be it a spĆ³use companion or whoever else we owe everything to God first and then to our family and then to everyone else! When we put things in order how they should be we really see that the family and God go together unless the family tries to put themselves before God! IT has been really cool to think about and to know that God knows us all and loves us all personally and that with him everything is possible! Things are going great! This week I have to do like 5 baptism interviews and then next week we have a baptism! Pray for Jeannine she really needs it so she can be baptized the 14!!!