Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September 23, 2013

Well another week has come and gone and this week has been a roller coaster.  We started off the week getting Tania ready to get baptized and everything was going awesome until we got to Thursday.  She had her interview Wednesday and was super ready to be baptized.  We showed up to her house on Thursday and she told us "I am not going to get baptized".  I just looked at her like what the heck happened.  I was so shocked and this day I learned a really good lesson.  I started talking and trying to convince her that she was ready; it wasn't doing any good and then the spirit spoke and told me to shut up.  I just shut my mouth and looked at her; we were there in silence for like 3 minutes.  It was a little awkward for a minute and then as I was sitting there the spirit came to my mind and told what to say.  I was able to share an experience with her from before my mission that helped her.  She started crying and so I expressed the love that our Heavenly Father and us as missionaries have for her.  As we were leaving she told "Yes, I am going to be baptized."  It was a really sacred experience.  I have really learned a lot about the spirit this week in helping my companion and helping investigators.  The words that we can say as humans really have little value but when the spirit enters into our hearts and minds and tells us what to say and do it becomes something that is eternal that the people really feel and know that God loves them.  The things that the spirit inspire us to do are PRICELESS!  It was awesome.  It is awesome to be able to feel the Lord direct me through the spirit.  I love it.  This week will be an interesting one.  I will have emergency changes this week and my companion is going home.  We will see what God has in store for us this week.  What a roller coaster.

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