Thursday, December 26, 2013

December 23, 2013

We had our Christmas activity as a mission this last week and it was a lot of fun.  We also had a sweet activity in the branch; we had a bunch of investigators go to the activity.  After the activity we did divisions with a couple of youth from the ward; it was awesome.  We went looking for a family and they weren't home so I felt the impression to go to a different family's home; we hadn't found this family in their house in a long time.  We got there just like five minutes after they had gotten home; it was awesome for the first time in weeks we were able to teach them and help them come unto Christ!  We invited them to come to church with us on Sunday and they said that they would go.  It was awesome because they actually showed up; they got there way late but they came to church and they know a lot of members.  It was super awesome because we were able to put an appointment to go and visit them with the members.  We have a lot of families to be teaching and for Christmas we have our whole day planned with people that have invited us to go eat with them.  It is going to be a great week.  Pray for us so we can put more baptism dates!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

December 16, 2013

Well another week has come and gone and really I don't know who is taking all the time away because it is flying by.  This week we have our Christmas activity and it is going to be a crazy week.  This week was really crazy trying to help the zone out and get everything done.  My companion and I decided that we have to wake up at 6 every day just to be able to get everything done.  We had a baptism this week.  It was a reference; it was super sweet.  This kid (13 years old) has been going to church for a long time and he was sooo excited to get baptized.  It was awesome but super stressful.  We got to Saturday to arrange the room where we were going to have the baptism and as we get there we see that someone had left the tap open in the baptismal font and it had filled up with super dirty water.  My companion had to go swimming to take the plug out and then we grabbed garbage cans and spent a half hour taking all the water out so we could fill it again with clean water.  Then finally the moment came and it was a sweet baptism.  He was super excited and hasn't quit asking when he is going to be able to pass the sacrament.  Then the other day as well we celebrated one of our investigators birthdays; we had bought her a cake and went to her house to eat cake with her and her family.  We were there with the family and she told us that they weren't going to go to church because she was mad about something.  We left and were waiting the next day; she had her phone turned off and wouldn't answer.  The next thing we know we are in church and we get a call from her daughter telling us to wait in the door because they were coming to church.  It was such a tender mercy of the Lord to be able to see that and that they came to church.  Yesterday we went and were teaching with a new family that we had found last week and they felt the spirit so strongly it was awesome to see the change in them and to know that they understood and knew our message was true.  The Lord loves us so much!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

December 9, 2013

This week has flown by and I can't believe it has flown by soooo fast; time is flying to fast - oh well it is a blast.  We had a lot of sweet experiences.  We have been working our butts off trying to help our investigators and at the same time find new investigators.  We had two baptisms planned for this week and as the week went on she had her interview on Thursday and her baptism for Friday.  When the hour came to baptize her she didn't come because she got sick. We went and taught her and changed it for Saturday in the morning.  When we went Saturday morning to bring her to the baptism Satan had been working and she said that she didn't want to be baptized.  We talked to her for a little bit and helped her feel the spirit and the desire to be baptized so we planned it for a couple of hours later.  It was a sweet experience.  When she shared her testimony after her baptism she just said that Satan didn't want her and her son to be baptized and that he had done everything to get in the way of the baptisms.  She was super grateful that we had been there to help her overcome it and that she was baptized.  I learned that God's power always wins and is always stronger than Satan's power.  It was awesome to see that work this week.  Sometimes Satan  wins but in the long run God always wins!  After the baptism Saturday we had the impression to go with the contact and we ended up finding him and teaching his whole family; it was awesome!  After that though all of our appointments fell through and we got really down.  I just had in mind the scripture that is in Alma that when are hearts are down to keep working and the Lord will give us success.  I knew that he would but it didn't come Saturday.  As we woke up Sunday I just knew it was going to be a good day.  We went and passed by our investigators houses and the family that we had found on Saturday said they were going to go to church.  At the end we had 8 people show up to church and 3 different families.  It was such a miracle and it really strengthened my testimony that the Lord hears and answers our prayers and that he will always help us have success if we look for him and do our part.

December 2, 2013

It was really an awesome week.  We started the week with some much desire to leave and help the people come unto Christ.  We had the idea and the goal to find new families and to put new baptism dates.  It was awesome as we started the wee.  On Tuesday we left the last hour of the day to go contacting to find a family.  After contacting a lot of houses we found a young man from the branch in the street and we started talking to him and asked him who he knew in the area where we were at and it was sweet.  At first he wasn't quite sure of anyone that lived there but he is like let's go ask my mom and she knows someone.  So we went and started talking to his mom and she is like hey I have been waiting for you guys to get here, I have been preparing a family for you guys to visit.  It was soooo sweet.  We went with them on Tuesday and it was an awesome family and they are actually married!!!!!  Miracles!  Then as the week went on we were visiting a lot of people and on Sunday a members friend came to church and he asked me for a hymn book and when we were going to go to the house.  We said we were going to go with the members.  The members little boys was so awesome when we got to the house he was so excited to go and help us find people and he took us to like 5 different houses telling us that we should teach them the gospel.  When we got to the house of the boy that came to church we taught him and his sister; it was a really sweet experience.  We were teaching them and invited them to be baptized and they both told us that they were excited to be baptized and that they have been going to church for a while and they wanted to always go to church and get baptized.  Yesterday as well we had put a lot of appointments to go visit but we weren't sure how we were going to do everything at the same time.  We had planned to leave with one guy to go visit but were still doubting.  When we met up with him he had invited his friend so that we could do divisions.  It was really awesome to be able to do divisions and be able to help everyone.  We have a lot to do this week.  Pray for us!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 26, 2013

Well it is another week come and gone in the mission. It was the longest week of my mission. We wanted to work so much but the power was out almost everyday in our area so almost everyday from 530 and after we were shut into the hosue and couldnt leave because it was dark outiside and couldnt leave. Then this weekend we couldnt leave the house for the elections. Frustrating but it was a good week. We were really able to see a lot of tender mercies of the Lord. It was really evident this week that God loves us and that he has a plan for us. We have basically dropped all of our investigators and we are starting over again and we have found a lot of positive people. We had  found a couple a couple weeks ago and they had told us that the husband worked with a member but we couldnt figure out hçwho it was but finally I found out on Sunday that it is the branch presidents wife! It was awesome she volunteered to help us teach them and she out the appointment so that we could go to there directly after that they get out of work. It was really sweet and in everything we did this week. We had been teaching a family and we just couldnt figure out why they wont go to church but we decided to take the relief society president to there house to help out and she was able to find out why and fix the problem! It was an awesome experience! God always prepares they way so that the people progress! We are going to have a lot of success this month we put the goal to baptize a family for  Christmas pray for us tçso tha we can do it! Love you all!

November 18, 2013

Well this week has flown by like always but it was a great week! We had transfers this week and it has been crazy! My companion left and I got a new companion Elder Vicab from MExico!  HE is awesome and we get a long real well! This week has been really crazy! WE had a baptism planned for Saturday but he told us last Sunday after going to church that he wasnt going to be here this week until Saturday! So we were super worried all week long that he wasnt there to be able to teach him and finish getting him ready to be baptized but it all worked out! I had been calling the house where he says when he is in our area and asking everyday if he had got there and when he was coming! THen it came down to saturday and it was like 3 in the afternoon and we were going to a stake activity and we hadnt heard from him! Then finally we got a call and took him with us to the stake activity and had his interview there! It had all worked out even though we had lal been stressed out all week long if he was going to be there he finally came back and was baptized Saturday night! It makes me realize that God answers our prayers when we really humble ourselves before him and plead his help! Then yesaterday we had a really sweet experience! Saturday night we had told the zone that we were going to be having a competition between teh districts! we were trying to see who could find the  most families on Sunday! As we started the day my companion and I had nothing going for us but we just astarted praying and went to a members house and in the moment we got there some lady walked by and then entered the house! Then after that the miracles began! WE were really guided by the spirit to be able to find 3 new families yesterday! I love being a missionary and feeling the spirit that we have! We are really aparted form the world and we feel the spirit more strongly than ever! God really can guide our every step if we listen to him! I am so grateful to be a member of the true church and that we really have the gift of the holy Ghost to guide us and direct us in all the decisions that we make! It is an evidence of the love that GOd has for us! There is no doubt this is the true church! Love you all!