Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 26, 2013

This week was awesome!  We didn't have transfers so me and my companion will be staying here one more transfer together and it will be great.  This week was a normal week.  We felt the spirit and helped a lot of people.  It really got interesting on Friday.  Friday I was really worried about district meeting for the first time; worried about how it would go but we had a really awesome district meeting and we all left spiritually uplifted.  That night we all saw the miracles.  My Companion and I put baptism dates with Jeannine and Kevin.  Jeannine is the sister that came and found us a couple of weeks ago.  The great miracle came that night.  I was talking to all the Elders in the district and we ended up putting 7 baptism dates that day and we are all super excited.  We are going to start the month of September with 9 baptism dates as a district.  Then on Saturday we spent the whole day running around.  We had to go and do an interview and then when we got back we had to go remind all of the members and investigators of a ward activity that we had that day.  The activity turned out to be a blast; we had about 10 investigators there and all the members had a great time.  Then of course it was a freaking downpour outside and the power went out right after the activity.  The Lords hand is real in our lives.  We have seen so many miracles and it is awesome.  We have a living God that loves and cares for all of his children.  I love this  work - it really is the Lord's work.

August 19, 2013

Crazy we are back to transfer week again; we will see what happens.  This week was awesome.  We went to the temple on Friday with President Fortuna, our mission president.  It was super awesome.  Just getting to the temple you could feel the spirit that was there not to mention the awesome lesson that President gave.  It was awesome.  One of our investigators said that one thing he has noticed about the Mormons is that they are persistent.  President stopped him and said the reason that we are so persistent is because we have the truth and we want everyone to have it as well.  It was awesome.  We had a really sweet lesson and everyone left super excited!  It was really interesting to see how God tries our faith.  This week we had Thursday planned out super awesome.  We were going to go visit people with the Bishop, one of his counselors and a sister missionary that came home this week.  We were going to divide and conquer.  We get to the first appointment and everything went well.  Then it started a great downpour and the lights went out so we had to go back to the house.  As we got back to the house, we had been there about 5 minutes, the power came back.  It was super frustrating because after only the Bishop left with us and all of the appointments fell through.  The Lord always finds the way to try our patience, we just have to learn from these experiences.  There is no doubt this is the true church with a loving and living God.

August 12, 2013

Well another week has come and gone and I have no idea where all the time has gone but it has abandoned me.  Time is flying by and it blows me away.  This week was really interesting; a lot of our appointments fell but we also had a lot of sweet experiences.  We were walking in the street this week and we started talking to a member that's been inactive for a couple of months.  As we were talking a lady that we had just seen came up and started talking to us.  She started asking about the process to get baptized and get married to her husband who is a member.  It was a really awesome experience.  The Lord has been doing a lot of miracles here in this area.  The Lord really prepares people or prepares us to find positive families and it is awesome.  I love teaching these families; they are the best.  We are planning on taking them to the temple this week to teach them a lesson.  The ward and everything is great.  They all love us a lot and are willing to help us out if we ask them to.

August 5, 2013

This week was awesome.  We are starting off the week with a baptism.  We baptized Sister Escarleth.  It was an awesome baptism even though everything went wrong.  As the week passed by everything was all planned long time ahead of the baptism.  Our ward mission leader was going to invite everyone and make the agenda and the bishop was going to baptize her; then all went wrong on Saturday morning.  Saturday morning I woke up and had a message from our ward mission leader that he wouldn't be there and he didn't have an agenda made.  He didn't invite anyone and then the Bishop had an interview that day with a member of the 70's . . . It all turned out alright.  We started running around trying to invite everyone and the Sister decided that I was going to baptize her and then we just joined our baptism with the other ward.  It turned out awesome.  Sometimes things like this happen and the missionaries get super down.  I don't know if I am used to it happening or what but we made things happen out of the worst and we had a good baptism.  Saturday we also had a sweet service project as a zone.  We cleaned up a field.  The grass and trees there were like 10 feet tall but it was awesome; we got it done in like 2 hours and everyone driving by was shocked to see a bunch of missionaries doing service.  I was studying in the morning and was thinking about the 99 sheep and that one that gets lost.  I realized that we leave the 99 because they should be able to work together to keep everyone there.  I could relate this to the members - they are there to strengthen themselves so no one falls away while the missionaries and other church leaders are sent out to find all the lost sheep.  Man I love the spirit and receiving revelation.  Things are great here.  The ward is great.  I have a great companion and we are teaching great people.  Pray for us so we can put more baptism dates.