Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29, 2013

We had a great week.  We found a lot of new families this week; it was super sweet.  We had to make a hard decision, me and my companion, we had to drop a super positive family for some problems that the husband has.  We were super down about it because they were a hope for a baptism this month but the Lord blessed us and the next day we found a new family.  I did interchanges this week with an Elder from Brazil.  We were standing in the street and we were talking to some lady and then some guy passed by and said paisano to me.  I just started talking to him and his buddy and it turned out really awesome.  They ended up taking us to their houses and introducing us to their families.  The Lord is really blessing us a lot here in our district.  We are seeing  many miracles in the work.  We also saw a huge miracle, we have been trying so hard to baptize families or to complete families and we have been praying everyday and then all of a sudden one of the secretaries from the ward told us that there was a sister that goes to church frequently whose membership was lost and she has to be baptized.  It is just another evidence of a living God that lives and answers prayers.  We are seeing many miracles here in our area even though it is super small; we are able to find a lot of new people to teach.  Everything is going good.  The members love us and starting every week to work more and more.  Hopefully if all goes well this week we will have a baptism.  Pray for Sister Escarleth.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 22, 2013

This week has been super awesome. We have really been able to see the Lords hand in this work! Delmy got baptized this week it was awesome.,.. She had us worried there for a bit though. WE were waiting for her to show up for her baptism and she ended up getting there about 40 minutes late. I was starting to get super stressed worried about what happened but finally we got a call from a member that she was with her and they finally showed up! Then Sunday the day of her confirmation again she got there late and we were super stressed out about it! it was awesome she is now a member of the only true church in the world. We have had a really sweet week! It went by so fast I couldn't even believe it. When it was Friday I still thought it was Tuesday. My companion is great we pass all or time laughing and working hard so its awesome. This week has been awesome in our prayers we have really been focused on asking to find the elect people here in the area and families! The Lord has really softened the hearts of many people and we have been able to find them! Or they have found us! The lord has a lot of miracles prepared for us in the area. The members are seeing all the work that we are doing and every day they get more and more excited to help us! It looks like it is going to be an awesome week we are going to find many families. Truly the Lord helps us when we look to him! The work is awesome and we are super happy

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 15, 2013

This week has been awesome.  We had transfers and I stayed in the area and I am happy for that because I didn't want to leave.  I love it here.  I have a new companion; his name is Elder Guevara from El Salvador.  It has been really interesting as I started writing my letter today I got an email from President and he just told me that he trusts me and that he has put my companion with me for a reason so that he can learn to be obedient.  I feel great knowing that my president trusts in me to always put companions with me that always need help.  That's alright - he is a good companion and a lot of fun.  This wee we have a baptism planned and it will be awesome.  I am super excited that Delmy will be getting baptized on Saturday.  It is a great blessing and really the Lord trusts us to be able to baptize.  We are in the process of working a lot with members and just trying to use them to find new investigators - it is really hard for me because I love to knock doors but in this area its the only efficient way to do it.  The work is picking up and the members are great, we will see many miracles here in the area.  I was studying the scriptures today and I really loved something that I read.  I was reading in Nephi where Lehi is talking right before he dies and I love how he says to his sons to be men.  I love how many kings and fathers before they die they tell their people to be men.  We just need to be men of the priesthood.  I started thinking of all the great leaders in the church and prophets that they never put excuses - they always repent and recognize that they didn't do all that they could.  That's how we all have to be as missionaries and members of the church - there are no excuses.  We can't put excuses for what we didn't do.  It's gods plan and it is perfect and he just expects our best effort.  It really is the only true church and the true source of happiness in the world.  Pray for Delmy this week so that she can be baptized.

July 8, 2013

This week has been super awesome!  The work is going great!  We put a baptism date with Delmy.  She is so great; she is a young single mom and just trying to make things work in her life.  It has been awesome visiting her; she wants to change her life and do the right things.  She will be getting baptized the 20 of this month.  I have learned a lot this week.  Sometimes we don't know what else we can do but we just keep doing something and the Lord always provides something.  It has been a little tough with Delmy; at first she didn't talk much at all with us but the more time we spend there she is starting to open up and share how she feels and what she wants in life.  She came to church with us yesterday.  She was really hesitant at first but then she went and she love it.  Her one little daughter was nervous too - she is 6.  She was nervous so she grabbed me by the hand so I took her to primary to help her make friends.  It was awesome.  Things are going really well.  the members love us and are starting to help out a lot.  We are just putting them to work whether they like it or not and they are loving it.  They all have been inviting us to go eat and go visit their friends.  It is awesome.  Transfers are this week and I hope I stay in the area - I love it.  This week too I had an awesome experience.  I was interviewing two kids that the ZL's were going to baptize and they were super awesome - it was a great experience.  They were both so excited to receive the spirit but they didn't really know why.  It just made me think that if the children understand how important it is to get the spirit how come we don't understand how awesome it is to keep it with us.  The spirit is the best.  It directs us even if we have no idea what to do.  Follow the spirit - its the best decision you can take.

Friday, July 5, 2013

July 1, 2013

This week has been an interesting one! It has really been humbling as a district leader! Its humbling being a district leader of new missionaries. In the past month here in this district 16 baptism dates have fallen! WOW! its been rough but July is looking to be better! It seems when things are getting rolling Satan always throws an obstacle in the way! Everything was going great! Claudia is doing great and we found a new investigator whose name is Delmy! She is doing awesome as well! We have been fighting all week to put an appointment with Claudia but she has started working and we haven't been able to go and visit her! Satan works just as hard as we do sometimes but we just have to figure out a way to out smart him! I had an awesome experience the other day I was in interchanges with the Zone leaders in the area and we were gong around visiting all there positive investigators and we went with two that had, had a baptism date that fell through and we were able to go have a powerful lesson and to put the dates more firm than they have ever been! The spirit is really directing this work and we are seeing many differences the members every week get more and more excited to work with us! We will see what this week has in store for us!

June 24, 2013

What a week! Lets just say the satellite transmission yesterday was awesome! It was an answer for the prayers of many many people! The missionary work is taking changes that are going to be seen in the eternities. This week has really been a trial of our faith! Its been awesome though. It has been the worst best week of my mission! Everything fell through for the first part of the week but I have never been so excited to work in my mission. All of the members love us and they are slowly getting the desire to help! I came up with ideas to help the ward and we have been putting it in practice and seeing the difference! We made a competition with the members to see who can read the Book of Mormon first and it is really helping the spirit of the Ward! In the past 3 days we have received 4 references and that is the first time it has happened here in a long time! The members are excited to see we have a sister that we are preparing for baptism! Her name is Claudia! She is awesome! She has such a sincere desire to change her life! It has been awesome teaching her. She is sincere and if all goes well we will put a baptism date with her today or tomorrow! The work is picking up slowly but we are seeing and going to see many more miracles here! Love you all pray for us and for our success!