Tuesday, July 16, 2013

July 8, 2013

This week has been super awesome!  The work is going great!  We put a baptism date with Delmy.  She is so great; she is a young single mom and just trying to make things work in her life.  It has been awesome visiting her; she wants to change her life and do the right things.  She will be getting baptized the 20 of this month.  I have learned a lot this week.  Sometimes we don't know what else we can do but we just keep doing something and the Lord always provides something.  It has been a little tough with Delmy; at first she didn't talk much at all with us but the more time we spend there she is starting to open up and share how she feels and what she wants in life.  She came to church with us yesterday.  She was really hesitant at first but then she went and she love it.  Her one little daughter was nervous too - she is 6.  She was nervous so she grabbed me by the hand so I took her to primary to help her make friends.  It was awesome.  Things are going really well.  the members love us and are starting to help out a lot.  We are just putting them to work whether they like it or not and they are loving it.  They all have been inviting us to go eat and go visit their friends.  It is awesome.  Transfers are this week and I hope I stay in the area - I love it.  This week too I had an awesome experience.  I was interviewing two kids that the ZL's were going to baptize and they were super awesome - it was a great experience.  They were both so excited to receive the spirit but they didn't really know why.  It just made me think that if the children understand how important it is to get the spirit how come we don't understand how awesome it is to keep it with us.  The spirit is the best.  It directs us even if we have no idea what to do.  Follow the spirit - its the best decision you can take.

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