Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 22, 2012

Welll it was a great week I had been feeling a little down because we
didnt have baptisms and we only had one baptism date! Now at the end
of the week we have 3 dates and with the hope of more in the future!
The work is great! We are receiving more and more help from the
members as the weeks go on! This is one thing when I came to the area
we didnt have much support from the member but now it is all changing
and when I leave the area it will be completely different area! We
have been working hard passing some difficulties but we are happy! It
has rained a ton here this passsed weeK! It was super fun to be
leaving the anonas and instead of sweating this time it just started a
down pour so we were soaking wet in the down pour the last 30  minutes
of our hike! The work is great and I am super happy! Continue praying
for the success of our area and for our investigators!

Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012

Well it was a great week! I dont really have much to say. All my
converts are dying spiritually! Ahh it is frustrating! Thats alright
they will come back one day so frustrating!!!!!! We are working super
hard havent had any baptisms this month but their is a lot of hope for
next month with a lot of hope for the future. We are working like
crazy trying to find new investigators but they just arent
progressing! Thats alright we have a sister we are teaching in the
house of the bishop and it is a super good experience she is
progressing really well she started reading the book of mormon about 2
weeks ago and she is reading in mosiah somewhere in there! The work is
good and I am super happy and loving it; continure praying for us and the success of all missionaries!

Friday, October 12, 2012

October 8, 2012

Well it was a great week! Conference was super awesome! I loved
watching conference and it blew me away about the missionaries! It is
super exciting to be here serving and here the revelation that they
are receiving for the church! WE had a pretty crazy week! We have been
working hard lately with the less active and inactive members of this
ward! Dont worry there are only like 800 of them! So we have a lot of
work to do! We have been horrible lately and havent been finding new
people to teach so we have to pick up the slack and get working in
that!  The work is great and I am loving every minute of it! We have
really great investigators and a couple of them are preparing to be
baptized in the coming weeks! Their is a family that we are teaching
and the father is a pastor of a different church but he came to our
church for the first time 2 weeks ago! We are working a lot and really
hard with this family because the mom and some of the children all
want to be baptized but the father holds them back a little bit since
he is a pastor but we have seen some miracles in him and really some
changes to his personality and we think and have the faith that he is
going to change and that we are going to baptize the whole family! The
field really is white and ready to be harvested we just have to put
more of our part and when we do we find a bunch! It is crazy to see
how many people are here and how many are ready to receive the
restored gospel! It is a lot of fun to be here working and I feel
comfortable with my spanish and that I can communicate with any person
that I find in the street with confidence that the Lord is going to
give me the words to say! Like the prophets say God is a god of
miracles! We just have to work to see them! I know that is so true and
have seen so many miracles through my faith and thanks to God! I hope
all of you can see the miracles that the gospel brings in your life!
Love you all and hope you have a great week! Keep praying for me and
that we can find new investigators!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 1, 2012

 I have been having a lot of reallly good experiences with the book of Mormon and I just love that
book it truely is the word of GOd and I am seeing the reason why it is
the keystone to our religion. It really has an unmatchable power! As
for this week we had an awesome experience we went to visit a member
of the ward here and when we got almost to her house we passed this
group of men and they just said hello how are you and we thought
nothing of it and kept going and we passed by this sisters house and
she was busy and couldnt receive us it was a little sad but I am
greatful now that she couldnt receive us. When we were leaving
herhouse this group of men started to talk to us and it so happens
that one of them lived in the US for a little while and so thats why
he started talking to us to speak a little english. It turns out after
our small talk they start asking about the gospel and then we taught
them the first lesson. It was powerful we taught the whole first
lesson to about7 or 8 guys in the street and a couple of them seem to
be positive to progress.
It is so true that this gospel can change every single person in this world if they will just let it!
iT can change whatever addictiopn anyone has! It really is a miracle!
I have seen a bunch of miracles and all thanks to the gospel!