Monday, February 25, 2013

February 25, 2013

Well another week has come and gone and it sure has been interesting.  We have been working our butts off but we aren't seeing the results of our efforts.  The more things go wrong the more we start to look at ourselves and try to decide the things that we need to change to get things going again.  This week we had a really powerful spiritual experience.  We went to visit Marvin who just got baptized a couple of months ago. His mom had a broken vein in her leg and then she had stroke.  She wasn't doing very well and she still isn't. We went to visit him and we had one of the most powerful spiritual experiences in the world.  We offered him a blessing and he said that he wanted one.  I gave him the blessing and never have I felt the spirit guide my words like it did in that moment.  We just stood there afterwards without saying anything to him at all.  It was just a powerful spirit that stayed there in the room with us.  It was powerful, I didn't have to say anything because I knew that the spirit was doing all the talking that needed to be done.  He felt better afterwards.  We just told him if he needed anything to call us.  It really is just a blessing to be a priesthood holder and to be able to give blessings and have spiritual experiences like that.  Really makes me want to work my butt off to give a priesthood blessing completely directed by the spirit.  The power of the priesthood is real - if you don't believe it - ask for a blessing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 18, 2013

Well it has been a good week.  We had a sweet P-day on Wednesday.  We not only played soccer but we played soccer against the firemen, the local police and the national police!  It was a lot of fun actually.  It was also a good experience because the day after we were playing we were just walking to go to an appointment and I felt the impression that we had to walk the street where the fire station is.  I didn't think anything of it, just followed the impression with the hope that someone was there waiting for us.  We started walking and as we were getting close to the fire station they all saw us and started yelling at me and my companion to go talk to them.  So clearly we went to go talk to them.  We ended up teaching all of them and answering questions for about an hour and a half, answering all their questions that they had about the church.  It was way sweet and then afterward they were all inviting us to go visit them at their houses and to go eat dinner with them.  It was just evidence for me that God is preparing people to receive the gospel.  We also had a sweet experience - an investigator that went with us to the temple.  She had to close down her business for the day and just open it when we got back.  She thought she was going to lose a lot of money this day but when she got back in the few hours she was open she made 300 lempiras.  We just talked to her and testified that it was the Lord blessing her for her sacrifices.  It's really obvious that God loves us and blesses us for sacrifices.  I just wish everyone understood that.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13, 2013

Well it was a week of ups and downs.  I am pretty sure it has been one of the worst/best weeks of my mission!  Everything fell through this week.  All the appointments, all the plans, everything fell through this week.  If there is something that could go wrong it went wrong.  God is definitely testing us to see what we can do and if we can listen to the spirit.  It has been interesting.  On the positive side we were able to go to the open house of the temple on Monday.  It was so beautiful and we had 10 investigators that went with us. It was awesome to have them come with us.  It was awesome to be able to enter the temple and just feel the spirit.  Even though it isn't dedicated yet the spirit is still there.  It just gets me so pumped and I want to just go spend hours in the temple.  It's been interesting to see.  God really has his hands in our lives sometimes its just to keep us up and going everyday.  It has been interesting this week we have taught a lot about overcoming trials and how the scriptures say the Lord's path is narrow but it never says that you don't have to climb stairs, cross a river, climb over broken trees.  God never says his path is easy but it is always worth it and always brings blessings.  Really just a testimony builder that God loves us and want us to achieve the most.  Sometimes the difficulties bring the most happiness and the way to learn how to improve.  Love you all and hope that when the road gets rough you keep going.

Friday, February 8, 2013

February 4, 2013

It has been an interesting week.  It all started last Monday - I am in the middle of teaching a lesson and reading from the scriptures and from the roof fell two lizards and landed right on top of my scriptures!  I was a little shocked.  I had no idea what to do - the sisters we were visiting were all freaking out.  It was a pretty funny experience.  It will definitely be an experience that they nor I will ever forget.  We had a good week.  We are teaching a really positive family that if all goes well they will be baptized in the next couple of weeks.  There is lots of work to do but I know the Lord has his hands in the work.  It was pretty sweet this week we also had interviews with President - it is always fun to be with President.  He just told me that the Lord had put me here for a reason and that he and the Lord trusted in me and knew that I could help change the area.  The work continues but we are in need of lots of prayers.  Please pray for Isabel and also the Zolano Family.  We are hoping they will get baptized and progress.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 28, 2013

Well another week rolls by.  Things are a little crazy here!  The work is picking up.  We got an excellent reference from some members from a different area this week.  We went and visited this family and they were super excellent before we even introduced ourselves we were in their house sitting down and they were bringing us food!  Let's just say it was an awesome day.  They are super awesome I know the Lord has put them in our path for a reason.  They are progressing with the hope that they will be getting baptized next month.  The Lord is really blessing our efforts.  This week in church we had the most there than we have had the whole time - we had 66 people.  It was awesome.  We are hoping we can keep them all there and active.  The fight goes on.  We are doing all that we can.  The work has really picked up with this other companionship here.  It looks like there is a lot of hope for the future here.  I have been praying so much to be strengthened by the Lord and trying to be as perfect as possible.  It's like someone talked about in conference when you are in the fire of trials is when you really get perfected - I see why.  It has been super hard to be here where there haven't been a lot of baptisms but the Lord is blessing us now for our efforts and I know that in February there will be some baptisms with the Lords help.  The Lord really is aware of all of us and wants us to succeed we just have to put off the natural man and be made perfect through the atonement - maybe one day I will get to the perfection or I will die trying.