Sunday, February 3, 2013

January 28, 2013

Well another week rolls by.  Things are a little crazy here!  The work is picking up.  We got an excellent reference from some members from a different area this week.  We went and visited this family and they were super excellent before we even introduced ourselves we were in their house sitting down and they were bringing us food!  Let's just say it was an awesome day.  They are super awesome I know the Lord has put them in our path for a reason.  They are progressing with the hope that they will be getting baptized next month.  The Lord is really blessing our efforts.  This week in church we had the most there than we have had the whole time - we had 66 people.  It was awesome.  We are hoping we can keep them all there and active.  The fight goes on.  We are doing all that we can.  The work has really picked up with this other companionship here.  It looks like there is a lot of hope for the future here.  I have been praying so much to be strengthened by the Lord and trying to be as perfect as possible.  It's like someone talked about in conference when you are in the fire of trials is when you really get perfected - I see why.  It has been super hard to be here where there haven't been a lot of baptisms but the Lord is blessing us now for our efforts and I know that in February there will be some baptisms with the Lords help.  The Lord really is aware of all of us and wants us to succeed we just have to put off the natural man and be made perfect through the atonement - maybe one day I will get to the perfection or I will die trying.

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