Thursday, August 30, 2012

August 27, 2012

This past week was great we finally have
a family that is progressing and our goal is to baptize them bfore we
have transfers! It was the man who I asked for his tobacoo and his
family! He had been chewing tobacoo bascially all of his life and
since that moment he has chewed tobacco since! He really is showing
desires to change and be baptized! He and his wife have been talking
about being baptized and getting married so that they can do it! We
are going to work like crazy men to get it done in the next two weeks
we have to do a lot with their papers for their marriage! It will be
great! Really we are super busy and we have a lot of work to do! We
have found new families and hope to continue teaching! We went to the
Anonas like always this week and I must be crazy because we had to
take a bunch of stuff with us! I had like 30 pounds worth of stuff in
my backpack to hike 1 hour in the mountains! I must have been crazy
but that is ok it was worth the pain! I see the miracles of God so
much here it is incredible what we really can accomplish through our
faith! Everything is based on our faith! I have really been trying to
stengthen my faith to see more and moer miracles! I love this work it
is the greatest there is!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

August 20, 2012

 I guess the second oldest clock is here in Comayagua!  WE went and visited it and
it was pretty sweet! Its also in a catholic church so that was pretty
interesting to enter in there but oh well! It is also the tallest
building here in the whole city so it was awesome to go up top and see
the whole city! As for the other more important things this week we
received 26 REFERENCES!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy we have sooo many to visit!
These arent just normal references either they are all people that
have business and our prominent people here! So it is pretty
interesting going with the sister that gave us the references to visit
them! We had the chance to visit some of them the other day and it so
happened they are one of the richest families that live here in the
city! They have a super huge house 2 giant stores and a hotel! It is
pretty crazy and a little intimidating at first to enter but they were
super nice and we have an appointment to go back and teachg them again
so we are praying that they will be receptive and can progress! They
could help the church here grow sooo much! Also this week we went to
the Anonas and we were teaching a man and his family and he has
problems with chewing tobacco and we asked if he had any and he said
yes and after the spirit prompted me to tell him give it to me! So I
did it and it was pretty interesting moment he didnt think I was
serious at first but I was! He eventually gave it too me and as we
were walking out of the Mountains I threw it off the edge so that he
cant have it hahahahaha it was a pretty great moment! It is super
crazy what the spirit can prompt you to do if you are listnening! AS
for the most important of all we had 2 baptisms this week! Thanks to
God we are having a lot of success because really without him we
cannot do anything! We baptized 2 boys one is 9 years old and the
other is 12 they are brothers! They are super shy but were super
excited to be baptized! They have been super fun to teach and help!
they are awesome and we are working with their other 2 brothers to
baptize them as well! It really has been an awesome week we are
working super hard and time is flying by! It is crazy my life has
never gone by this fast! It is insane but I love it and I love being
here working hard! I decided though that I need to be more bold we
always here the evangelicals teach or preach and they are super crtazy
and bold! If they can be this bold and they are teaching lies than I
can do it as a true representative of God!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 13, 2012

 We had a great week!
Their were 3 baptisms this week in our area 2 were the baptisms of the
sisters and 1 was ours! But I got to baptize all 3 of them! It was a
pretty crazy day! Because the sisters planned their baptism for 2 in
the afternoon and we had ours at 6! It was a lot of fun! Our baptism
that we had at night was a 16 year old boy that we have been teaching
only for like 3 weeks or something like that I dont remember!(Time
flies) He and his sister our the only  members in his family but his
sister isnt active! He comes to church all by himself every sunday! He
is great though he wants to serve a mission and has a powerful
testimony! As for the other two baptisms that werent ours they were
great too! Sister Carolina was baptized and she is an interesting lady
but great! She prepares dinner for us every Thursday! a week and a
half ago we were there eating dinner and she was explaining to us that
she was going to be baptized and then continued on to tell us that I
was going to do it! It was funny because it wasnt a question or
anything she said Elder Lake will be baptizing me! haha it was funny
but it was so exciting to do! She is a great lady! AS for this past
week it has been an interesting week it has rained a bunch here! Me
and my companion have wanted to be out walking in the rain but
everytime it has rained we have been in an appouintment or we have
been out of the city! It has been sad but that is ok! We have been
working hard and trying to find new investigators! We want to baptize
families but right now all we have is individuals it is frustrating
but thats alright they need to be taught as well! We are wroking hard
and having a lot of fun! My spanish is getting better everyday and I
am progressing a lot! It is amazing how the Lord can transform people!
It is incredible to be able to see the Lord change people and also
myself as well! Really this work is the greatest!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 6, 2012

An awesome experience that we had this week was we
received a reference like a week ago and we had tried and truied to
contact him but never could so we were losing hope but one day we went
to the House of the Bishop of the ward we are in to get his son to go
visit people with us and this guy walks by. As we are waiting at the
door for the Bishops wife to let us in he comes back and we realize it
is the reference and we start talking to him then we go into the
bishops house to talk more and to teach him. He started talking to us
about how he wants to change he is an alcoholic and has been drinkin
alcohol since he was 12 years old and he is now 32! He so desperately
wants to change when we were talking to him he just started to cry
because he wants to change so much because he has a little girl that
he is taking care of and he doesnt want her to have a father like he
had! His father was an alcoholic too and died relly young from
drinking. It was really sad to hear all this but the hope and
knowledge that we have is going to help and change his life so much!
It is so awesome to truely know what Jesus can do for all of us and we
just hacve to turn to him to receive his help! He can help us with
anyything from problems with alcohol to simple problems we have
everyday! I am just so grateful to be here and to have this experience
to share this with all the people I can! I truely am blessed to have
this oppertunity without doubt! I truely know without a shadow of a
doubt that Jesus can help us over come everything! He is always there
with his arms outstretched waiting to help us! We just have to turn to
him and act! I truely love this gospel and this oppertunity to serve
it is an undescribeable experience!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

July 30, 2012

I love having busy weeks! one highlight of the week is we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The grandfather of the bishop was baptized and if you want to meet an interesting man he is one to meet! He is 94 years old and finally after tons of different sets of missionaries years and years of work he finally decided to be baptized! It was a great experience! Also this week we had to go to Tegucigalpa for a meeting for all the new missionaries and it was way sweet to go and always awesome to receive counsel from President Fortuna he is an incredible man! Really we are so busy it is crazy! We keep finding and dropping investigators and are working hard with the ones that we have now and trying to set a bunch of dates for baptism in August! If all goes as planned we will have a lot of baptism in August! Really it is incredible here! As for the weather here I guess it is close to the same as UTah a little hotter here than in Utah! I talked to a kid the other day and he said he had just got back from being in the United states and he had been in Utah for a week in Moab! It was way fun to talk to him because he spoke English and it was awesome! It is always fun to speak English! SPanish is coming! Everyone always asks me how much time I have in the mission because they all think I have more time here than I do because I guess I speak good Spanish! Thats not good enough! I am want to speak perfect spanish so I am going to continue working! It is incredible to be here working and knowing that there will be a temple dedicated here this year! Their are so many awesome families that have been baptized and are excited to go to the temple when they can but now they cant afford to pay to go to Guatemala! It is pretty awesome for all of them and for them to know that the temple will be finished and dedicated this year for sure! I really love this work and love helping people it is so much fun and as it says in Preach my Gospel that in this work you can find greater joy than ever before! We are going to keep working and bringing more and more souls unto Christ! iT is hard at times but the pain is always worth the reward!