Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 13, 2012

 We had a great week!
Their were 3 baptisms this week in our area 2 were the baptisms of the
sisters and 1 was ours! But I got to baptize all 3 of them! It was a
pretty crazy day! Because the sisters planned their baptism for 2 in
the afternoon and we had ours at 6! It was a lot of fun! Our baptism
that we had at night was a 16 year old boy that we have been teaching
only for like 3 weeks or something like that I dont remember!(Time
flies) He and his sister our the only  members in his family but his
sister isnt active! He comes to church all by himself every sunday! He
is great though he wants to serve a mission and has a powerful
testimony! As for the other two baptisms that werent ours they were
great too! Sister Carolina was baptized and she is an interesting lady
but great! She prepares dinner for us every Thursday! a week and a
half ago we were there eating dinner and she was explaining to us that
she was going to be baptized and then continued on to tell us that I
was going to do it! It was funny because it wasnt a question or
anything she said Elder Lake will be baptizing me! haha it was funny
but it was so exciting to do! She is a great lady! AS for this past
week it has been an interesting week it has rained a bunch here! Me
and my companion have wanted to be out walking in the rain but
everytime it has rained we have been in an appouintment or we have
been out of the city! It has been sad but that is ok! We have been
working hard and trying to find new investigators! We want to baptize
families but right now all we have is individuals it is frustrating
but thats alright they need to be taught as well! We are wroking hard
and having a lot of fun! My spanish is getting better everyday and I
am progressing a lot! It is amazing how the Lord can transform people!
It is incredible to be able to see the Lord change people and also
myself as well! Really this work is the greatest!

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