Sunday, August 5, 2012

July 30, 2012

I love having busy weeks! one highlight of the week is we had a BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The grandfather of the bishop was baptized and if you want to meet an interesting man he is one to meet! He is 94 years old and finally after tons of different sets of missionaries years and years of work he finally decided to be baptized! It was a great experience! Also this week we had to go to Tegucigalpa for a meeting for all the new missionaries and it was way sweet to go and always awesome to receive counsel from President Fortuna he is an incredible man! Really we are so busy it is crazy! We keep finding and dropping investigators and are working hard with the ones that we have now and trying to set a bunch of dates for baptism in August! If all goes as planned we will have a lot of baptism in August! Really it is incredible here! As for the weather here I guess it is close to the same as UTah a little hotter here than in Utah! I talked to a kid the other day and he said he had just got back from being in the United states and he had been in Utah for a week in Moab! It was way fun to talk to him because he spoke English and it was awesome! It is always fun to speak English! SPanish is coming! Everyone always asks me how much time I have in the mission because they all think I have more time here than I do because I guess I speak good Spanish! Thats not good enough! I am want to speak perfect spanish so I am going to continue working! It is incredible to be here working and knowing that there will be a temple dedicated here this year! Their are so many awesome families that have been baptized and are excited to go to the temple when they can but now they cant afford to pay to go to Guatemala! It is pretty awesome for all of them and for them to know that the temple will be finished and dedicated this year for sure! I really love this work and love helping people it is so much fun and as it says in Preach my Gospel that in this work you can find greater joy than ever before! We are going to keep working and bringing more and more souls unto Christ! iT is hard at times but the pain is always worth the reward!

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