Monday, July 23, 2012

July 23, 2012

This week was an interesting week! It has been kind of difficult because we have had investigators that we have taught a bunch and they arent progressing! So we dropped them. Basically me and my companion
are consulting with the Lord always first but there are investigators that are just going to be eternal investigators so we drop them! It is hard but then it seems like everytime that we drop someone we find a
family or an elect person waiting for us! We found a lot of new investigators this week! We went to a part of our area that neither me nor my companion knew and we ended up teaching like 7 lessons in a couple hours and finding 7 new investigators! The Lord really is blessing us for our hard work and we are having a lot of fun with the work too! I have realized that our area is immense and basically it is impossible to know all the parts of our area and difficult also because our investigators all live so spread out! Thats alright though! This week we had plans to have a b├áptism and things were going great and then He had his interview! He had drank coffee and lied to us about it the whole week so we are hoping to baptize him this week as long as he doesnt drink coffee! He is an interesting man he is the Grandpa to the Bishop and is like 94 years old and walks a bunch every day it is pretty crazy! The work is progressing though we are finding more and more investigators and we had the most investigators in Sacrament this week that we have had my whole time here!  Time really flies serving the lord when we are working hard and having fun and success! Truely the Lords hand is in all things and I see it more and more everyday that I am here and I feel more love for the people I am serving and for all my friends and family back home! I am so grateful for the oppertunity to serve and be a member of this church and to have made covenants with God that I know have and will continue to bless my life! God is a loving and living God and that is a fact! I love you all and hope everything is well in your side of the world! Because everything is gorgeous and wonderful here because we have God in our life!

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