Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 2, 2012

We have been working hard and walking a lot trying to teach as many people as we can.  We have a baptism this week for  Hermano Juan.  He is ready and I am so excited for this - it will be my first baptism and I get to baptize him.  It is hard teaching him because he can't talk but he understands all and is excited to be baptized.  Next week we have two baptisms and we are so excited.  We have found a lot of families to teach and are always looking for more.  In our mission we are focused mainly on teaching families and men older than 18 and to have complete families.  Right now we have 5 or 6 families that we have taught once and are working to set baptismal dates.  The problem here is they don't attend church or they aren't married or they are married and need to get a divorce and get remarried.  We are teaching a family in the Anonas and they want to be baptized but the problem is they are poor and the Mom is pregnant and obviously can't walk far and they don't have a car so it is very frustrating.  I love the people here so much.  The kids are so funny - they all want me to speak English but they don't understand a lick of it - it is quite funny.
I will never complain ever again about having to wash my clothes with a washer - it is definitely a lot easier to do that than do it by hand.  I also won't complain about a bad shower - we have a shower and the water is always cold if we even have water!  I love it here and am learning so much.

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