Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

This week was a ptretty incredible week! We are always staying so busy
and we walk a ton! Some days less than others but other days we dont
plans very well and have to walk 30 or more minutes between
appointments! I have the goal to baptize every week of my mission and
I am definitely seeing the Lords hand in helping me with my goal as I
work hard! This week we had another baptism it was a single mother of
3 kids! The oldest is 10 the others are I think 5 and 2 but I am not
sure! They are the best! They are so much fun and it was incredible
the baptism! But the story for the baptism we were really worried! We
had plans to do the baptism at 2 o clock and Hermana Darlin said that
she would be there at 130 and she is never late she is always early!
So we get to the church at 1 and prepare everything and we are waiting
and waiting and 130 passes and she isnt there then 2 passes she isnt
there 230 she isnt there and at 245 I was extremely worried because
she still wasnt there! We waited and waited then finally we asked one
of the members that was there to use his cell phone to ask if we could
call her! We called ehr and she was so sorry but she said she would be
there in 15 minutes! She finally came and we had the baptism! It was
an awesome baptism! Then I was thinking and was a little worried
because I wasnt going to complete my goal of having a baptism every
week because for this saturday we didnt have a date set for baptism
but Sunday came around and we are in sacrament and the Bishops Grand
father comes in and he has been to the church many times and received
the lessons but never before has wanted to be baptized but we were
talking with him and he said I want to be baptized"! I was amazed and
we are going to have his baptism this Saturday! The Lords hand
providing miracles! IT is pretty incredible to see the Lords hand in
all things and see people come out of no wehre that want to be
baptized! <We are working hard and having fun and doing are best to
have success! WE are finding families every week but the problem is
they arent all progressing! It is hard and frustrating but we have to
drop our investiggators that arent progressing because their are
others out there that need us and we can use our time better!  The
work is amazing and it changes peoples lives! The Lord can help us
with all we just have to humble our selves and asK! It is incredible
to see his hand in all things with our investigators with me learning
spanish with everything! The Lord lives and wants to help us we just
have to ask him and do our part!

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