Monday, July 16, 2012

July 9, 2012

As for my update it was a pretty interesting week we went into the
week only having plans to have one baptism and had two! It was kind of
sad this week too we had been working with a family and praying to
know what to do for them and what we could do to help! They hadnt been
progressing and we had to drop them because we need to use are time
with those that are ready to hear our message and progress and
actually make steps to come unto Christ! We also had another family
that we were worried about too Familia Pineda we were worried because
they werent going to church and werent really progressing and we
prayed that they could come to church and they did so that in itself
was a miracle! Also this week we met our new mission President!
President Fortuna, he will be an awesome mission president and I am
really excited that I will have him as my mission President for the
enxt two years! I am really fired up about the work this week! (well
basically every week and day!! It was a good week we found a bunch of
familes too teach and most all are going to progress and hopefully be
baptized! My companion and I have the goal to have a baptism every
week from here on out and President Fortuna expects us too baptize one
family every month we are really excited about this goal and know it
is possible and we want to do it and more! As for the baptisms this
week it was pretty awesome we had interviews on Friday for those being
baptized and we had one for Hermano Carlos that we were thought would
be baptized this coming week nd then they had the interview and my
district leader said he is ready! He has an incrdible testimony of the
Book of Mormon! HE has a stronger testimony of it than most people I
know that are members! Then Hermano Juan also had his interview and he
cant really talk at all so it was really difficult for our distrit
leader but he was ready! Then Saturday we had the two baptisms of our
investigators and one of the Sisters in our same area! I was fortunate
and blessed to have the oppertunity to baptize all three of them! It
was pretty incredible! it was an awesome experience to be able to
perform the baptisms and know that they were being placed under
covenant! They were all so excited and so ready to continue on in the
Church! It was an awesome week! This church really is true and the
blessings are real I think everyone needs to take time and reflect on
what the Lord has given us!! He has given us so much it is incredible!
If you want to realize how blessed you are go to a third world country
where people dont have jobs have dirt floors but they are happy! The
Gospel truely brings happiness and I am so excited o share it with

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