Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 24, 2012

God has really answered my prayers! I have really been praying to find new investigators because
right now we dont have many! But He really answered my prayers and we
received 2 refrences that really are golden that went to church this
week and are really positive to teach! It was an interesting week! We
had a conference wednesday with Elder Duncan from the area 70! The
meeting lasted like 7 hours but it was the quickest 7 hjours of my
life! I learned so much and I feel so pumped up to work hard! We are
going to start working with the members and less active more and
instead of us knocking doors the members are going to knock the doors
for us and this is how we are going to contact. It will be awesome. WE
have a lot of work cut out for us in this ward there are more than 500
less active or inactive members of the church! SO this means we will
be working like crazy! This week too the investigator that we thought
started drinking again really didnt and he is still good for his
baptism this week!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!! Super excited if all goes well
we should have 2 baptisms this week! I am super excited to see the two
baptisms! AS for me and my companion we are doing good it is a little
difficult at times too be 2 gringos here because if I dont understand
something in spanish he doesnt either and at times it is a problem!
That is alright though it is a lot of fun. I am learning a ton and my
spanish is improving rapidly because I talk all the time! I really am
being blessed with the gift of tongues! Without doubt it is a real
gift from God! I had a cool experience this morning as well with my
personal study! I was thinking in the purpose of this life and why we
all chose to come to this earth to be tested and to have problems! Its
obvious Gods plan is perfect really it is easy this life! We have a
path created for each one of us personally and a perfect path! We all
have the scriptures that we can read for guides. we have livibng
prophets that speak to us always! Also we have a patriarchal blessing
which really just is a road map for our lives! Gods plan is perfect
and really it is easy if we find God in our lives! I hope all of you
can find God in your life because when he is there when things are
hard they are worth it because he can help you!

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Ahhhhhh a crazy week! So I am still in the same area and I am a
trainer. Lets just say it was shocking when I saw my picture up on the
screen and I am training Elder Miller from Mapelton Utah. I was super
shocked to see that I am training another person from Utah kind of
weird but I guess the Lord has trust in me! I have talked a ton this
past week and I know without doubt that the Gift of tongues is real!
This week was a little dificult! One of our investigators fell into
temptation and started drinking again! AHHH stupid agency but that is
alright we are going to work with him and help him over come this
problema! I have really seen the blessings in my life the past week I
have learned so much and progressed so much it is just crazy to think
where I started. We are here working like crazy and trying to find new
investigators! Crazy week with more crazy weeks to come!  The Lords
hand really is in every aspect of our lives we just have to look for
it and it is always there! This work is progressing and it is amazing
to be a part of it!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Orellano Wedding and Baptism

 Orellano Family after the wedding
 Orellano Family prior to Baptism
Orellano Family with the Elders prior to the baptism
Oh what a happy group!

September 10, 2012

Thank you for everyone who prayed for the Orellana Family it really payed off!
Everything went well! It was a little crazy of a week because me and my
companion had to do a lot of things to get them ready to get married
and prepared for baptism! We started out the week having our doubts if
really we could get them marrried and baptized all this week but
thanks to the Lord we could do it"! I dont think I have prayed so much
or so hard in my life for something! We prayed  a lot and asked in
every prayer for the lords help and he blessed us! They were able to
be married and baptized all in the same day! It was a lot of fun and I
have never been this happy in my whole entire life! To see a family be
baptized and come unto Christ really is thegreatest sight ever! They
are so awesome! AS for the schocker of the week! I got a call tuesday
night from the assistants to the President and they told me that I had
to go to a meeting Thursday in Teguc! They told me that the Lord has
called me to be a trainer! I was pretty excited but a little shocked!
I will finish getting trained and start training this Wednesday! I am
not sure if I will change areas or not but for sure I know that I will
be training and having a new companion. I am pretty excited and I
guess the Lord has a lot of trust in my abilities and this will be one
heck of an experience that is for sure! I hope you all know the power
of prayer is real! This past week we have seen miracles through the
power of prayers! It is true without doubt! I hope all of you take the
time every day to pray and ask heavenly Father specifically for the
things you need and thenn afterwards do your part! When you do that he
blesses you! He will ALWAYS do his part and I know that without doubt!
I love you all and I am doing well here and super happy

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pictures from Honduras

There is nothing like getting pictures from your missionary!
 Elder Lake with Ilson (at his baptism) and his family? and his companion
Jackson is quite a bit taller than most people in Honduras and really stands out.
There are lizards everywhere and of course Jackson like to let them crawl on him.

September 3, 2012

We had a baptism saturday! We had plans to baptise a boy of 13 years and
this man! The hard thing was is the man we had plans to baptize got
robbed last week so he has nothing now and we could only basically
pass and say hi once the whole entire week it was awful! He ended up
backing out of his baptism he lacks a lot self confidence! It was
super sad but it is his decision! As for the Ilson he got bacptized he
is the 13 year old boy! He was super excited to get baptized! Sdo now
we have baptized him and his 2 other brothers it has been powerful and
a super awesome experience! We have been working super crazy because
we have a family that we want to baptize this transfer because we are
sure that we are going to be changed band not be together anymore
because i will finish the training after this transfer! We have had to
do so much to prepare them for baptism! We had to go and get a paper
that says the womans previous spose died so that she could have a
divorce and then we have to ghet a ton of papers so that The man and
woman can get married this week so that we can baptise them as well!"
It has been super crazy but the Lord has answered our prayers and he
has done his part and we are trying to do as much as we can! It is
super crazy this past week and this week will be even more crazy! We
have so much to do but we are going to work like crazy men and baptize
them this week! Please pray for us so that all can go well and we can
baptize the Orellana family! We know that we can do it but we know we
only can do it with the help of the lord! His hand has to help us a
lot! Really the Lord does answers prayers and fasts! I have seen that
without doubt this past week! Really if you pray and ask the Lord for
help and then you do your part! He WILL do his part! without doubt! I
know that without doubt I have seen the Lords hand helping us!