Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17, 2012

Ahhhhhh a crazy week! So I am still in the same area and I am a
trainer. Lets just say it was shocking when I saw my picture up on the
screen and I am training Elder Miller from Mapelton Utah. I was super
shocked to see that I am training another person from Utah kind of
weird but I guess the Lord has trust in me! I have talked a ton this
past week and I know without doubt that the Gift of tongues is real!
This week was a little dificult! One of our investigators fell into
temptation and started drinking again! AHHH stupid agency but that is
alright we are going to work with him and help him over come this
problema! I have really seen the blessings in my life the past week I
have learned so much and progressed so much it is just crazy to think
where I started. We are here working like crazy and trying to find new
investigators! Crazy week with more crazy weeks to come!  The Lords
hand really is in every aspect of our lives we just have to look for
it and it is always there! This work is progressing and it is amazing
to be a part of it!

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