Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

We had a baptism saturday! We had plans to baptise a boy of 13 years and
this man! The hard thing was is the man we had plans to baptize got
robbed last week so he has nothing now and we could only basically
pass and say hi once the whole entire week it was awful! He ended up
backing out of his baptism he lacks a lot self confidence! It was
super sad but it is his decision! As for the Ilson he got bacptized he
is the 13 year old boy! He was super excited to get baptized! Sdo now
we have baptized him and his 2 other brothers it has been powerful and
a super awesome experience! We have been working super crazy because
we have a family that we want to baptize this transfer because we are
sure that we are going to be changed band not be together anymore
because i will finish the training after this transfer! We have had to
do so much to prepare them for baptism! We had to go and get a paper
that says the womans previous spose died so that she could have a
divorce and then we have to ghet a ton of papers so that The man and
woman can get married this week so that we can baptise them as well!"
It has been super crazy but the Lord has answered our prayers and he
has done his part and we are trying to do as much as we can! It is
super crazy this past week and this week will be even more crazy! We
have so much to do but we are going to work like crazy men and baptize
them this week! Please pray for us so that all can go well and we can
baptize the Orellana family! We know that we can do it but we know we
only can do it with the help of the lord! His hand has to help us a
lot! Really the Lord does answers prayers and fasts! I have seen that
without doubt this past week! Really if you pray and ask the Lord for
help and then you do your part! He WILL do his part! without doubt! I
know that without doubt I have seen the Lords hand helping us!

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