Thursday, September 13, 2012

September 10, 2012

Thank you for everyone who prayed for the Orellana Family it really payed off!
Everything went well! It was a little crazy of a week because me and my
companion had to do a lot of things to get them ready to get married
and prepared for baptism! We started out the week having our doubts if
really we could get them marrried and baptized all this week but
thanks to the Lord we could do it"! I dont think I have prayed so much
or so hard in my life for something! We prayed  a lot and asked in
every prayer for the lords help and he blessed us! They were able to
be married and baptized all in the same day! It was a lot of fun and I
have never been this happy in my whole entire life! To see a family be
baptized and come unto Christ really is thegreatest sight ever! They
are so awesome! AS for the schocker of the week! I got a call tuesday
night from the assistants to the President and they told me that I had
to go to a meeting Thursday in Teguc! They told me that the Lord has
called me to be a trainer! I was pretty excited but a little shocked!
I will finish getting trained and start training this Wednesday! I am
not sure if I will change areas or not but for sure I know that I will
be training and having a new companion. I am pretty excited and I
guess the Lord has a lot of trust in my abilities and this will be one
heck of an experience that is for sure! I hope you all know the power
of prayer is real! This past week we have seen miracles through the
power of prayers! It is true without doubt! I hope all of you take the
time every day to pray and ask heavenly Father specifically for the
things you need and thenn afterwards do your part! When you do that he
blesses you! He will ALWAYS do his part and I know that without doubt!
I love you all and I am doing well here and super happy

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