Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 24, 2012

God has really answered my prayers! I have really been praying to find new investigators because
right now we dont have many! But He really answered my prayers and we
received 2 refrences that really are golden that went to church this
week and are really positive to teach! It was an interesting week! We
had a conference wednesday with Elder Duncan from the area 70! The
meeting lasted like 7 hours but it was the quickest 7 hjours of my
life! I learned so much and I feel so pumped up to work hard! We are
going to start working with the members and less active more and
instead of us knocking doors the members are going to knock the doors
for us and this is how we are going to contact. It will be awesome. WE
have a lot of work cut out for us in this ward there are more than 500
less active or inactive members of the church! SO this means we will
be working like crazy! This week too the investigator that we thought
started drinking again really didnt and he is still good for his
baptism this week!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!! Super excited if all goes well
we should have 2 baptisms this week! I am super excited to see the two
baptisms! AS for me and my companion we are doing good it is a little
difficult at times too be 2 gringos here because if I dont understand
something in spanish he doesnt either and at times it is a problem!
That is alright though it is a lot of fun. I am learning a ton and my
spanish is improving rapidly because I talk all the time! I really am
being blessed with the gift of tongues! Without doubt it is a real
gift from God! I had a cool experience this morning as well with my
personal study! I was thinking in the purpose of this life and why we
all chose to come to this earth to be tested and to have problems! Its
obvious Gods plan is perfect really it is easy this life! We have a
path created for each one of us personally and a perfect path! We all
have the scriptures that we can read for guides. we have livibng
prophets that speak to us always! Also we have a patriarchal blessing
which really just is a road map for our lives! Gods plan is perfect
and really it is easy if we find God in our lives! I hope all of you
can find God in your life because when he is there when things are
hard they are worth it because he can help you!

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