Wednesday, October 3, 2012

October 1, 2012

 I have been having a lot of reallly good experiences with the book of Mormon and I just love that
book it truely is the word of GOd and I am seeing the reason why it is
the keystone to our religion. It really has an unmatchable power! As
for this week we had an awesome experience we went to visit a member
of the ward here and when we got almost to her house we passed this
group of men and they just said hello how are you and we thought
nothing of it and kept going and we passed by this sisters house and
she was busy and couldnt receive us it was a little sad but I am
greatful now that she couldnt receive us. When we were leaving
herhouse this group of men started to talk to us and it so happens
that one of them lived in the US for a little while and so thats why
he started talking to us to speak a little english. It turns out after
our small talk they start asking about the gospel and then we taught
them the first lesson. It was powerful we taught the whole first
lesson to about7 or 8 guys in the street and a couple of them seem to
be positive to progress.
It is so true that this gospel can change every single person in this world if they will just let it!
iT can change whatever addictiopn anyone has! It really is a miracle!
I have seen a bunch of miracles and all thanks to the gospel!

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