Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October 22, 2012

Welll it was a great week I had been feeling a little down because we
didnt have baptisms and we only had one baptism date! Now at the end
of the week we have 3 dates and with the hope of more in the future!
The work is great! We are receiving more and more help from the
members as the weeks go on! This is one thing when I came to the area
we didnt have much support from the member but now it is all changing
and when I leave the area it will be completely different area! We
have been working hard passing some difficulties but we are happy! It
has rained a ton here this passsed weeK! It was super fun to be
leaving the anonas and instead of sweating this time it just started a
down pour so we were soaking wet in the down pour the last 30  minutes
of our hike! The work is great and I am super happy! Continue praying
for the success of our area and for our investigators!

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