Sunday, November 4, 2012

October 29, 2012

As for this week! Life is great here in Honduras! It was the first
week in all of my mission that I have eaten dinner everyday! I forgot
what that was like but I am super happy for that! Them members are
super great they are preparing basically all of the food that we eat
and it is awesome! So this morning was pretty awesome as well we
learned how to make horchata and not the crappy kind that you can buy
in the states either! It was super good! I love the culture here in
Honduras it is a lot of fun! THe people here really are the greatest I
have looked back at this past month and it was a real struggle sin
success and really difficult for me but I learned a lot! I really am
learning what love really is and how to love people! I get so
frustrated sometimes because their just isnt enough time in the day to
help everyone! Thats alright I wil find a way to do it! This week we
also had a baptism and it was awesome! He is a boy of about 13 years I
believe he is awesome he was a reference from the other elders in this
same city and so it was simple they taught him basically everything
and we just had to repass a couple things with him and ya he was
ready! It was super awesome I had the oppertunity to baptize him!
Highlite of the week one of the inactive sisters that we are teaching
is going to have a baby(kind of sad she is 14 years old) but she is
going to name her baby after me! Success!!! hahaha :) I hope all is
well for you guys! THings are all looking up day after day! PRay for
us here in the work I know that god is answering the prayers and
reallly is blessing us!

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