Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

Well what a week! it was a great week! Walking a lot talking a lot and
having a lot of fun! I love the work of the Lord at times it is
difficult especially when you see peopple fall into temptation! I cant
imagine how Christ feels because it destroys my heart seeing members
afll into temptation! Words of advise dont be stupid and commit big
sins! Or any sins for that matter! It was a great week! We were
contacting and we went and were walking a street that I had never
walked and I was just looking down a hill and watching this family
just stare at us so I went and talked to them! We have now been
teaching them a couple times and they are the best the wife is a membe
rthat was baptized a long time ago and the husband is an awesome man
and they have a lot of potential for progress! As for one of our
investigators that we are teaching! Paty she is the greatest! She is
going to be baptized the 25 of this month! The date she chose! She
started reading the Book of Mormon about 4 weeks ago and has now
finished Alma and is reading a lot! She really is awesome she has
suffered so much her father was murdered when she was 15 her mom died
when she was 16 she doesnt have any brothers or aunts or uncles and so
she is literally alone! Well now she lives with the Bishop and his
family and is super great! At first she hardly spoke with us but now
she talks with me a lot! It is a amazing just the difference of
reading the book of Mormon can make in someones life! I can see the
difference in my own personal life! I finished the Book of Mormon in
Spanish for the first time! I know that book is true and if there is
anyone who wants to change their life read that book and you will make
changes and have the strength to keep going on in this life! I know
the Book of Mormon is true and I know this is the work of the Lord!
Like President Nelson said in Conference THe misionaries can help! I
love you all! keep praying for us here!
Love Elder Lake

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