Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12, 2012

After a rough October things are looking up!  I have been working like crazy trying to keep positive but to be honest - October sucked!  Things are great now I learned so much.  The Lord really teaches us a lot in the times of hardships.  He was trying to help me be humble!  We had a great day in church yesterday.  We weren't expecting many investigators to come to church but it ended up about 10 people came and a couple of them were rejecting us and didn't want to hear us but they came and now they are telling us they want to be baptized!  It really is a miracle how the Lord works!  It really is great this week we have plans for baptisms and next week another and if all goes well this week we are going to put at least 6 more baptism dates.  Hope all goes well with much prayer and fasting all these people will accept baptism dates!  He is teaching me a lot and trying to help me be better as a missionary and a priesthood holder.  I cannot explain with words how much he has taught me about partaking of the sacrament!!  It is really something that I depend on week after week at times that is the best way to get motivated.  I learned a lot this week from my Heavenly Father and can without doubt tell you that he lives and loves each and everyone of us and always answers our prayers!  He really works especially in the changing of the hearts of the people!  I have seen him change so many people and it is awesome!  I hope all is well wherever you guys may be at.  I hope you are all feeling the love that God has for all of us!

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