Monday, December 10, 2012

November 19, 2012

Well it was a great week! The work of the Lord is seriously the greatest thing in the world!  Danis was baptized Saturday and it was a super awesome experience - I got to baptize him.  I love just knowing that we have baptisms because that means we are completing our purpose.  The work is great!  Things are looking great right now!  With Danis baptism Saturday and with the plans of putting 4 or 5 more baptism dates this week!  Things are looking great!  Sunday Paty is going to be baptized!  Wahoo!  After about 2 months of teaching her she will be baptized!  It is amazing to see the changes she has made in her life from a sad and quiet woman to now she is super happy and she always talks with us now!  It is a miracle to see how the gospel changes the life of someone!  She really is the best!  I love seeing the changes that she has made it really is so exciting!  It was awesome - I had a huge testimony boost that this is the church of God and that the spirit is real this week!  We were visiting with Paty and we were just talking and she just started telling us that since she started reading the Book of Mormon she has always had questions and so she has been asking the sister that she lives with for answers but she told us that every time she asks a question the next time we come we talk about whatever her question was!  It was a huge boost and to know that we are really following the spirit and doing the things that god expects of us.  This work is real!  The fight against Satan is real every day and the great thing is we know the outcome of the war!  Satan loses!  Sucks to be him and great to be us because we have the knowledge we have!  I know this gospel is true without doubt and I know that without doubt when we pray and ask for help from God he will respond through the spirit!  I hope you are all praying to have experiences with sharing the gospel.  You can measure your conversion to the church by how much you share the gospel!  Get converted or what are you doing in the church.

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