Sunday, August 12, 2012

August 6, 2012

An awesome experience that we had this week was we
received a reference like a week ago and we had tried and truied to
contact him but never could so we were losing hope but one day we went
to the House of the Bishop of the ward we are in to get his son to go
visit people with us and this guy walks by. As we are waiting at the
door for the Bishops wife to let us in he comes back and we realize it
is the reference and we start talking to him then we go into the
bishops house to talk more and to teach him. He started talking to us
about how he wants to change he is an alcoholic and has been drinkin
alcohol since he was 12 years old and he is now 32! He so desperately
wants to change when we were talking to him he just started to cry
because he wants to change so much because he has a little girl that
he is taking care of and he doesnt want her to have a father like he
had! His father was an alcoholic too and died relly young from
drinking. It was really sad to hear all this but the hope and
knowledge that we have is going to help and change his life so much!
It is so awesome to truely know what Jesus can do for all of us and we
just hacve to turn to him to receive his help! He can help us with
anyything from problems with alcohol to simple problems we have
everyday! I am just so grateful to be here and to have this experience
to share this with all the people I can! I truely am blessed to have
this oppertunity without doubt! I truely know without a shadow of a
doubt that Jesus can help us over come everything! He is always there
with his arms outstretched waiting to help us! We just have to turn to
him and act! I truely love this gospel and this oppertunity to serve
it is an undescribeable experience!

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