Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 18, 2013

Well it has been a good week.  We had a sweet P-day on Wednesday.  We not only played soccer but we played soccer against the firemen, the local police and the national police!  It was a lot of fun actually.  It was also a good experience because the day after we were playing we were just walking to go to an appointment and I felt the impression that we had to walk the street where the fire station is.  I didn't think anything of it, just followed the impression with the hope that someone was there waiting for us.  We started walking and as we were getting close to the fire station they all saw us and started yelling at me and my companion to go talk to them.  So clearly we went to go talk to them.  We ended up teaching all of them and answering questions for about an hour and a half, answering all their questions that they had about the church.  It was way sweet and then afterward they were all inviting us to go visit them at their houses and to go eat dinner with them.  It was just evidence for me that God is preparing people to receive the gospel.  We also had a sweet experience - an investigator that went with us to the temple.  She had to close down her business for the day and just open it when we got back.  She thought she was going to lose a lot of money this day but when she got back in the few hours she was open she made 300 lempiras.  We just talked to her and testified that it was the Lord blessing her for her sacrifices.  It's really obvious that God loves us and blesses us for sacrifices.  I just wish everyone understood that.

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