Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 29, 2013

We had a great week.  We found a lot of new families this week; it was super sweet.  We had to make a hard decision, me and my companion, we had to drop a super positive family for some problems that the husband has.  We were super down about it because they were a hope for a baptism this month but the Lord blessed us and the next day we found a new family.  I did interchanges this week with an Elder from Brazil.  We were standing in the street and we were talking to some lady and then some guy passed by and said paisano to me.  I just started talking to him and his buddy and it turned out really awesome.  They ended up taking us to their houses and introducing us to their families.  The Lord is really blessing us a lot here in our district.  We are seeing  many miracles in the work.  We also saw a huge miracle, we have been trying so hard to baptize families or to complete families and we have been praying everyday and then all of a sudden one of the secretaries from the ward told us that there was a sister that goes to church frequently whose membership was lost and she has to be baptized.  It is just another evidence of a living God that lives and answers prayers.  We are seeing many miracles here in our area even though it is super small; we are able to find a lot of new people to teach.  Everything is going good.  The members love us and starting every week to work more and more.  Hopefully if all goes well this week we will have a baptism.  Pray for Sister Escarleth.

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