Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 5, 2013

This week was awesome.  We are starting off the week with a baptism.  We baptized Sister Escarleth.  It was an awesome baptism even though everything went wrong.  As the week passed by everything was all planned long time ahead of the baptism.  Our ward mission leader was going to invite everyone and make the agenda and the bishop was going to baptize her; then all went wrong on Saturday morning.  Saturday morning I woke up and had a message from our ward mission leader that he wouldn't be there and he didn't have an agenda made.  He didn't invite anyone and then the Bishop had an interview that day with a member of the 70's . . . It all turned out alright.  We started running around trying to invite everyone and the Sister decided that I was going to baptize her and then we just joined our baptism with the other ward.  It turned out awesome.  Sometimes things like this happen and the missionaries get super down.  I don't know if I am used to it happening or what but we made things happen out of the worst and we had a good baptism.  Saturday we also had a sweet service project as a zone.  We cleaned up a field.  The grass and trees there were like 10 feet tall but it was awesome; we got it done in like 2 hours and everyone driving by was shocked to see a bunch of missionaries doing service.  I was studying in the morning and was thinking about the 99 sheep and that one that gets lost.  I realized that we leave the 99 because they should be able to work together to keep everyone there.  I could relate this to the members - they are there to strengthen themselves so no one falls away while the missionaries and other church leaders are sent out to find all the lost sheep.  Man I love the spirit and receiving revelation.  Things are great here.  The ward is great.  I have a great companion and we are teaching great people.  Pray for us so we can put more baptism dates.

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