Sunday, December 1, 2013

November 18, 2013

Well this week has flown by like always but it was a great week! We had transfers this week and it has been crazy! My companion left and I got a new companion Elder Vicab from MExico!  HE is awesome and we get a long real well! This week has been really crazy! WE had a baptism planned for Saturday but he told us last Sunday after going to church that he wasnt going to be here this week until Saturday! So we were super worried all week long that he wasnt there to be able to teach him and finish getting him ready to be baptized but it all worked out! I had been calling the house where he says when he is in our area and asking everyday if he had got there and when he was coming! THen it came down to saturday and it was like 3 in the afternoon and we were going to a stake activity and we hadnt heard from him! Then finally we got a call and took him with us to the stake activity and had his interview there! It had all worked out even though we had lal been stressed out all week long if he was going to be there he finally came back and was baptized Saturday night! It makes me realize that God answers our prayers when we really humble ourselves before him and plead his help! Then yesaterday we had a really sweet experience! Saturday night we had told the zone that we were going to be having a competition between teh districts! we were trying to see who could find the  most families on Sunday! As we started the day my companion and I had nothing going for us but we just astarted praying and went to a members house and in the moment we got there some lady walked by and then entered the house! Then after that the miracles began! WE were really guided by the spirit to be able to find 3 new families yesterday! I love being a missionary and feeling the spirit that we have! We are really aparted form the world and we feel the spirit more strongly than ever! God really can guide our every step if we listen to him! I am so grateful to be a member of the true church and that we really have the gift of the holy Ghost to guide us and direct us in all the decisions that we make! It is an evidence of the love that GOd has for us! There is no doubt this is the true church! Love you all!

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