Monday, September 2, 2013

September 2, 2013

WEll it has been another week here in the mission. Time flies and it is crazy. Weeks just come and go like it is nothing but that is alright we are having a good time. My ocmpanion has been sick this week so it has been very few days that we have worked the whole day without a problem. Thats alright though. I have been studying a lot this week and have learned soo much. I love reading in Nefi he is the bomb with testifying of the savior! We have had some sweet experiences this week! Yesterday we went to the temple to have a fireside with our mission president and it was awesome! HE is the man! They talked about marriage and eternal marriage! Our few investigators that went loved it and all learnned a lot! The spirit was awesome there! As I was there I was thinking a lot about the priorities in life! The most important thing in life is God! God is more important than anything else be it a spĆ³use companion or whoever else we owe everything to God first and then to our family and then to everyone else! When we put things in order how they should be we really see that the family and God go together unless the family tries to put themselves before God! IT has been really cool to think about and to know that God knows us all and loves us all personally and that with him everything is possible! Things are going great! This week I have to do like 5 baptism interviews and then next week we have a baptism! Pray for Jeannine she really needs it so she can be baptized the 14!!!

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