Tuesday, September 17, 2013

September 16, 2013

It was an awesome week.  I love being a missionary; really there is no greater joy than being a missionary and helping people change their lives!  This week on Wednesday we went to the temple and it was soooo awesome.  I love going to the temple and learning there.  As I was sitting in the celestial room just praying and analyzing everything that has been going on and what we have been doing, the spirit just entered my mind and I heard the words "Son, I am proud of you!"  It was an awesome and sacred experience at the same time.  I know that God lives and that he is our father; he is always there waiting to help us and listening to our prayers.  This weekend we had two baptisms!  I got to baptize them both - it was awesome!  Fabrico and Jeanine!  It was a super sweet experience just to see how much they have changed in the short time I have known them.  I love seeing how people change.  The changes are always drastic.  It just makes me realize how awesome this gospel really is.  As we left from the baptism the spirit we had with us was so strong, we were basically running from appointment to appointment because we were both so excited.  Then yesterday Fabrico didn't show up to church so he wasn't confirmed but next week he will be.  This work is the best!  The love loves us and he really provides the way that we can change and be better.  I love this gospel and love being a missionary.

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