Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 9, 2013

It's been another week here in the mission; I don't know where all the time goes but oh well.  My companion got better just in time to pass it off to me and now I am sick! oh well!  We had a sweet experience this week.  I was on interchange this week with one of the Zone Leaders.  He came and we were working and went looking for an investigator; as we were almost to his house there was a little girl there.  She's like "Hey, I live down by the river with my parents."  So I asked her, "Are they there?"  She is like Ya but they are sleeping.  So we ended up not going.  We went to the investigators house and he wasn't there so we started heading back and we find the same little girl.  She asked, "Hey did you guys go to my house?" "No, you said your dad was asleep."  She is like "well my mom is there."  We listened to her.  This little 3 year old girl showed us who is boss.  We went down and found a bunch of members of the church that always go to the other ward but no one visits them.  We talked to them for a while and got a couple of references.  It was awesome!  I just love the little children.  Later that day we were talking to a 10 year old son of a member just outside so I asked him, "Hey, do you want to get baptized?" because he isn't a member yet.  He is like YES.  So I asked when and he said Sunday.  We responded with Saturday and he asked his dad and has a date for Saturday.  It was super awesome.  If all goes well we will have two baptisms this weekend.

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