Monday, October 7, 2013

September 30, 3013

I really dont know what to say this week other than it was probably the longest week of my life and definitely of my mission but finally it is over! Everything went wrong this week! it was the week leading up to our ward COnference! My companion really wanted to get out of here everyday he was calling president to see when he was going home lets just say he didnt want to work at all that was definetly a burden to carrty. It is impossible to be a missionary and do it all by yourself! Finally wednesday came around and I just felt the impression to go back to the house and we had a call from President saying that my companin left that night and that I was going to go stay with the Zone LEaders. Then on Thursday I got switched to be with the Elders whose area is right next to mine! SO since Thursday I have been in a trio and when I have found a member from the ward I went and did divisions in my own ward! That is when I started working with my new ward mission leader! He is pretty much awesome he has been working with me every day and we have been having success for the litttle time that we have been able to work! IT has been awesome! We went to a lesson and we were teaching a lady! I had asked her a question she is from a different church and she couldnt really answer the question! We just started teaching her true doctrine and she just kept getting confused by it! IT made me realize that true doctrine is the most clear that there is and that it confuses those that are members of other churchs. We finally got done teaching her and she understood perfectly what we had taught he and new that our message was true but it was sad to see her reject the truth! She just doesnt understand how it can bless our lives! It really made me realize that Satan is smart and its little by little that he feeds lies into the other churchs and they get confused and dont know what to do. Until they get to the point that they are trapped. I love being able to save people from the traps of satan but it makes me sad when they use there agency wrong and wont acept the truth! I know God is so loving and that this gospel is the most simple complete and perfect that exists in this world! I love it! This week will be an interesting one. Transfer week!

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