Monday, October 28, 2013

October 28, 2013

Trials and Miracles!  It has really been an awesome week.  Last Sunday our Ward Mission Leader had challenged us to have 40 lessons this week.  When we started out the week we had that in mind and how we were going to accomplish it.  It was really helped us get focused and stay focused.  We ended up doing and and had 41 lessons this week which was awesome.  We were always busy thing about who needed us and how we could help them; just focusing on one need they had at a time.  This week we also have been helping a lady fix up her papers so she can get married.  When she went to get her papers it says she was dead in the computer.  We went on Wednesday to try and get it all fixed up; it was crazy.  We really were helped a lot by a supreme being.  We were trying to get everything done and God really opened a lot of doors that we couldn't open.  As we were going from place to place trying to get all the paperwork we found the right person at the right time and they could help us.  It was really awesome.  At the end we had to go to a lawyer and she said it could take a couple of months or a year to investigate it; it all depended on the lady who was doing the investigation.  It was awesome to see God work after we found that out.  As we were leaving the building to go make some copies we found the lead investigator that would have to do all the investigation and she has family  members that are members of the church.  She gave us her number and told us to call her and she was going to put pressure on so that it would get done as soon as possible.  It was super awesome to see God help us for doing all this work trying to help this old lady.  After all our hard work this week in visiting everyone and trying to help them so that they could progress NO ONE came to church.  We passed by all of their houses but no one was there or they couldn't go to church; it was super sad.  My companion and I are super sad.  My companion and I were super frustrated and we didn't know what to do; it was a super rough day.  Then we went to an appointment and we were reading in 1 Nephi 16 about when Nephi's bow breaks and it made me realize even when we are doing the right things and trying to have success there are trials.  God tries us so that we grow and learn. It made me feel like Nephi and it was awesome.  God always permits that we are tried so that we grow closer to him and repent.  Today my companion and I were talking and we just started analyzing how we can be better and made plans to repent and be better.  It was really awesome.  This week is going to be a great week!  After the trial comes the testimony.  Pray for us; we really need it.

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