Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Well it was a great week! I have never had a week so bus y iun my mission! TRANSFERS! I am now in one of the sweetest areas in the mission! I am a zone leader and we are opening a new zone it is a lot of fun! My new companion is Elder Cifuentes from Guatemala! He is awesome and it is going to be an awesome change! THis week has been so crazy though! I havent really been in my area at all! Wednesday I got to the area and we went and started working and I met some of the investigators and then thrusday and friday we did divisions had interviews and we did interchanges so I didnt get to work in my area! It was super awesome though! WE have a lot of fun together and our enjoying ourselves a lot! COnference was so fgreat! I love conference! I loved what PResident Uchtdorf said! Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith! I loved that it is so true! A lot of people here doubt there faith a lot and trust more int eh doubts that they have! That is why we are here as missionareies to help people overcome there doubts! Then on Sunday after the first session we had a baptism! I didnt really know our investigator I think I had talked to here like 1 time before she got baptized but it was really sweet! We combined the baptisms in all the zone and we had five baptisms all there together it was awesome! WE have been working a lot and have a lot of work tto do in this week but we are ready and willing to do it! I probably have one of the best companions that I have had my whole mission. We think a lot a like and we are both willing to sacrifice everrything to help the people get married and baptized! Hope all is well for you guys as well as it is for us!

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