Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May 7, 2012

The food is eatable! I am used to eating nice home cooked meals that are always delicious here the food is questionable at times so it kind of sucks but that is ok! I wont turn down food! The spanish is coming  I have learned so much spanish just in the time I have been here! I am definitely seeing the hand in the lord in my life so it is crazy! I love it! I love being a missionary there is no other place I would rather be! Missionary work is incredible! it is crazy being so busy all the time but I love it a lot!
I loved the missionary newsletter! That was awesome to see about everyone! Crazy! All these kids here get a laugh when I talk about Morgan and how I lived with a bunch of Mormons! They laugh it is kind of funny! Life is good just crazy busy! I love it though! The days go by pretty fast which is nice!
All the devotionals have been awesome!  I love being busy here! it is great! The spirit is incredible!  One thing I have realized here that I am learning a lot is that my talk about love wasn't a coincidence! I am realizing everything in missionary work and life is based on love! If you love the people around you then the spirit is there and life is better! I love missionary work and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else!

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