Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22, 2013

We had a lot of success this week and it was great.  Starting out on Thursday I had interchanges with one of the Zone Leaders so that he could do Bernardos interview and he passed.  That night Elder Marin and I had a little party to celebrate our year in the mission.  Yesterday we had Bernardos baptism - it was Awesome!  He had me a little worried at first because he showed up 15 minutes late to his baptism - he really had me stressing!  One of my favorite things to do is to talk to the people after their baptism to ask them how they feel.  It just is a surety that this is the true Gospel because they all tell us how pure that they feel.  It was awesome.  Then yesterday after church we went visiting with one of the leaders from the branch and ended up finding a couple of positive families to be teaching.  The work is picking up and it looks like May will be a great month and if all goes well we will be baptizing families!  My companion and I are focusing in on teaching just families and whatever other chosen person that we can find.  Really when we put our mind to a purpose the Lord helps us fulfill it but if we don't have a purpose we don't do anything!  We have it in our minds that we are going to find, teach and baptize families and we have really been seeing the Lord bless us with many miracles in the process.  As we were teaching a family this week I asked the sister if she had received an answer to her prayers yet.  She paused for a minute and started to tell us that she had had a dream and that she thought it was her answer telling her that this is the true church.  It was awesome to see.  Now we just need to focus in on the husband so that he can have the same experience and receive his answer.  I know the Lord answers always to our prayers but we just have to look for the way he is responding.

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