Monday, April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

This week has been interesting.  I just love when our plans fall through.  Viernes we had all of our plans set and ready for the night; all our plans were set in stone and we were really excited and then the power went out!  That is the worst thing in the world for a missionary here - when the power goes out - No power = no food, no working and you get really bored!  It was really funny - me and my companion were starving so I started to get creative.  I found a tin can, candles and a little metal cooling rack and we cooked food using that.  This week was awesome too - we found an awesome investigator - Felipe!  We taught him on Monday and then we haven't been able to go back because he has been working as a taxi driver in a different city  We saw him on Saturday and he had read from the introduction of the Book of Mormon and was about to finish 1st Nephi.  We were super excited.  Sunday came around and all of our investigators had bailed and didn't have plans to go to church.  I just started calling everyone I could to invite them.  I called Leonardo and he was like well I have this and this to do but I will try.  As we were sitting there starting the meeting he showed up!  We were both super excited.  We are really seeing the blessing even when things are rough.  We have been praying to have people come to church so that they can progress and we have been working our butts off and the Lord is answering our prayers.  He really hears and answers.  A lot of work to do but deep praying for us and we will have success!

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