Thursday, January 9, 2014

December 30, 2013

Well yet another week and year has come and gone!  I am super excited 2014 is going to start.  I learned a lot this week.  I am sure the Lord always has his ways of humbling us so that we can learn and come to him.  Things are good though.  Our zone won the trophy and we are the zone of the month.  The bad news is that for January we don't have anything going.  We've got to get working.  Things are good though.  We had a lot of interchanges this week; it was a lot of fun.  I always love working with the other elders and helping them out.  On Monday I had a really sweet experience one of the Elders got to a point that he just had a breakdown from all the stress and pressure that he feels and he just didn't feel like he could change and be better.  It was a really awesome experience to be able to go and sit and talk with him for a while and help him get through it.  I have really learned that wherever the Lord puts us it doesn't matter.  He always puts people in our path that we can help.  The more we look for these people the more people that we can find.  It was a testimony builder for me that there is always someone out there that needs my help but I need to do my part in finding them so that they can receive the help that they need.  This week we were working hard with Christmas and all that it was hard but we did our best.  It was sad when Sunday came around, I was so excited we were supposed to have a bunch of investigators go to church.  As we went to pass by everyone this week no one was home or they couldn't go for other reasons.  It was really hard for me not having any investigators in the sacrament meeting.  I just sat by myself during sacrament meeting thinking how can I get better and asking for forgiveness for all the weakness that I have.  It was a really sacred experience feeling the Saviors love in my life.  I know that he lives and he loves each and every one of us.  It made me realize that we all need help and a lot of time we are just instruments in helping the people find Christ.  He is the helper that we all need in our lives.  He is the only one that can help in every situation in our lives.  It doesn't matter how many or how big our problems are he can help us.  This year my goal is to look for him and to gain a greater testimony of him.  I know he lives and loves us and that he can help us in every situation in our life.  I hope we can all find Christ in our lives this year.

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