Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 13, 2014

Well it was probably the best week of all of my mission. We were soo busy this week. WE went to the temple on Thursday and it was such an awesome experience being able to go and feel the spirit. I love being in the temple and I love being able to go and learn from our father in heaven. I am pretty sure I always leran more in the celestial room and in the rest of the temple. It was an awesome experience. These past couple weeks we have been having some problems in the zone we werent finding that many nw investigators and we didnt have very many baptism dates. AS we started working last week we talked with everyone that we needed to put more baptismal dates and that we had to find a lot of new investigators. We saw soooo many miracles this week. In my area we found 30 new investigators and 6 families,. It was sooo awesome. We just started contacting street by street looking for ne wpeople and as we prayed seeking guidance from our father in heaven he guided us to the elect people. We were able to find a lot of people that need the gospel and are willing and ready to follow it. It was awesome as we came to the end of the weekw e found a young couple.- The lady is a member and her future husband isnt. The girls mom was so stressed out because her daughter is pregnant and they are both really young but it was a sweet experience being guided to there house even though it wasnt planned and being able to s hare the gospel with them. We had been teaching them just two days and the guy his name is ElĂ­as accepted a baptism date and will be getting baptized the last weekend of this month. We have seen soo many miracles from only having two baptism dates in the zone to this week we have 13 and 4 families. It has been sooo awesome to see how much the Lord trusts in us and how he works miracles here when we were exercizing our faith in him and when we do our part! We have sooo much work left to do this week in going with all of the families and inviting them to be baptized and helping them so that they can receive all the blessings God has for them.  Our area is soo awesome too they madea  huge change right now with all of the leaders they released ALL of the leaders only the branch president and his councilers stayed. Everyone is so excited for the change and to be able to have leaders that are ready to work and make things happen in this branch so it becomes a ward! GOd has worked soooo many miracles for us and now we have to do our part and help these people come to him,.  I learned this week God wants to work miracle sin our lives but a lot of time we dont let him do it! Our faaith a lot of times is just TOO weak! I know he lives and I know he is going to tcontinue working miracles to help us outt!

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