Sunday, January 12, 2014

January 6, 2014

Well it has been an awesome week. We have been working hard. Things are getting better but we have a lot of work to do right now! We had some super sweet experiences this week! On Saturday night we decided after all the appointments fell through that we were going to contact so we just decided to contact one road. As we started contacting there we didn't find anyone that positive at first but we just kept praying with the hope to find a new family there. WE kept going having fun and contacting as many people as possible! We got to one of the last houses and we knock on the door and the wife comes out and we start talking about the families and she was really interested so we went in and taught the whole family. It was a really sweet experience as we got in we talked with all of them and the husband had told us that he had seen  a Book of Mormon in his dads house and that it interested him and he had wanted to read it but for some reason he didn't take it. Then like a few days later it was when we got there and started teaching him. IT was so awesome. The spirit was so strong and they are a really awesome family! Then yesterday as well we went to teach one of our families most positive and as we are teaching the lady told us at the end of the lesson that when she went to the temple with us that she had felt a spirit that filled something with in here that she had been looking to fill for a long time. It was awesome to see in her how the spirit worked and how she had felt it and now to see how strong her desire is to progress and change. Then we went with another family and the husband sometimes his heart is like a rock and doesn't want to change but we had a really awesome lesson with him sharing some experiences that we have had and explain to him that he needs to change and be a better man and husband,. It was really awesome to see him change in the lesson because he had told us that we could only visit him once a week and then in the lesson he accepted that we could now visit him a couple times a week. It was so awesome. Things are going well we are teaching a lot of families that are really positive that want to learn and change. Pray for the family Nuñez and Amador so that this week we can put baptism dates with them

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