Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 27, 2014

Well yet another week has come and gone and I don't really know where all the time is going but I wish it wouldn't go away so fast. This week was awesome! We started working with the two families to get the married this week but things didn't worked out as we planned. WE had some problems with the papers for one of the weddings so we are still working with them for this week. The other family Diana and Yahir were able to get married. It was so crazy and we had some many problems we basically sent them all over the country trying to get their papers to get married this week. It was fun and all worth it in the end because they were able to get married and Diana was baptized on Saturday! Her Little brother was baptized as well! IT was awesome. I don't know where so many people have come from. I don't think I have ever seen this many miracles in my whole mission. God has been helping us so much. This week in the zone we had 10 baptisms and 2 families it was crazy. A lot of the people we weren't even planning on baptizing at the start of the week but as we started talking to all of our missionaries more and more people kept coming out of no where. It was awesome because we were able to be zone of the month again for two months straight. God is really blessing us a lot he is providing the people that really need him. WE were comparing the other day my companion and I that the investigators are like the talents. The More investigators that we have and work and help baptize the more God gives us and trusts in us to baptize and as for the missionaries that don't have baptism it's because they don't work their investigators diligently. We have really seen that in this week. Those that work  hard and diligently God blesses them with more elect people but those that aren't diligent don't receive the same blessings! I love this work! IT is the best!

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