Friday, February 28, 2014

February 24,2014

Well another week has come and gone! Everyone always seems to be reminding me that my time left isn't that much!  That's alright I'm here to work and not think about that! This week has been a lot of fun! I got to do interchanges twice I got to go to the areas of two of the district leaders in my zone! It was awesome! I went back to my old area and it was fun to see a lot of the people and realize that they all love me! It makes me realize almost a year after that God really puts us in an area for a reason. Sometimes we don't know why but he always puts us where he knows we need to be! This week has been great we have been working really hard! Nelson is progressing really well! He needs to have a good week this week to be able to be baptized! This week he can't fall to be able to be baptized! He is so crazy it is so fun talking to him because he says a lot of things off the wall and laughs randomly but he really is an intelligent guy and remembers everything that we teach him! It was a lot of fun we started a new class this week a "preach my gospel" class every Sunday! It was a lot of fun.  My companion and I were the ones assigned to teach it this week! It was cool because Nelson came to the class and he isn't even a member yet! He is excited to be baptized and to be a member of the church so that the people see him as a different person! It has been so awesome seeing him change! In the two weeks that we have known him it has been awesome because he has changed from a druggy with a rough future ahead to a different man with a bright future and a great opportunity to help people! He is awesome! This is going to be a great week! This morning we made a lot of plans and talked about a lot of things we need to change in our companionship to be able to have success! Going to be a great week! Love you all!

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