Tuesday, June 11, 2013

June 10, 2013

This week has been great.  I can tell that the Lord has put me in this area and my companion for a reason.  We have a lot of work to do.  It will be interesting because my companion doesn't want to be in the area but I know at the end of the change he will only want to stay.  As we went and met all the investigators that they were teaching I started noticing that there weren't any investigators positive at all and so basically we are opening an area.  We dropped all the investigators and we are starting from scratch.  It should be an interesting week.  I have been studying lots lately and really have been loving more and more the scriptures.  I have been studying about the prophets and when the Lord commanded them to do something they did it even though it was difficult.  I like thinking of Nephi - the Lord commanded him to build a ship and instead of asking how, he asked where can I make the tools.  He didn't know how to build a ship but the Lord did know.  As well with the Brother of Jared, he didn't know how to light up the boats but the Lord knew.  The same with Moses he didn't know how to save the people from Egypt but the Lord did know.  It made me realize that sometimes we do things before the Lord commands us but we don't have the faith so we become like Laman and Lemuel and ask why or say we can't do it.  The Lord always knows how and we just have to do our part to figure out the Lord's way - he always provides a way.  Our area is great and I that's the case.  We don't know how to do it but the Lord knows how.  The members love us and want to work.  We got a reference from a member and we went to meet her for the first time and the sister accepted to get baptized.  Oh how I love the members here.  The Lord provides, he always has and always will, we just have to look for his direction in our lives.  The Lord lives and LOVES us!

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