Monday, June 3, 2013

May 27, 2013

This week has been an awesome week.  I just want to say that I love General Authorities.  We had a conference this week with Elder Amado from the area 70 and it was awesome.  It was sweet being able to feel the spirit that he brings with him and it really helped us to all receive inspiration.  The more and more that I see General Authorities the more I realize that they are all fun loving good humored men.  This week we have transfers and who knows what will happen.  I took a moment this week to reflect back on what has happened here in the area.  Really we have seen so many miracles but what happens is we forget about them or they don't seem like anything in the moment.  Whether I get changed or not does not matter for sure - I have left my mark here on the area.  We went with Leonardo, one of our investigators, yesterday and he was telling us that he had never thought about joining the Mormon church; he had always seen it but never wanted to join.  He has now been coming to church every week and says that he is a Mormon!  It has really been awesome.  If all goes well this week we will put a baptism date with him and his wife and we will help them get married.  It has really been a blessing this week to be worthy of the spirit.  The spirit really protects us from danger.  We really felt and experienced that this week; the spirit was guiding us and directing us from physical and spiritual danger.  We have to be worthy of the spirit in this world if we want to get back to the presence of God one day; repent so you can all be worthy of this guide.

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