Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

This week has been a great one I have really learned a lot of who I am. This area is great I love my area and my companion and I am really learning about the impact I have on other people. I feel blessed that a lot of people trust and confide in me in many things. I have really learned as well that us as missionaries we are angels. The members always tell us that here and it had never really sank in until right now. We are angels and its the greatest thing in the world! WE had a super sucky but awesome experience this week. WE had a day that all of our appointments fell through. We started just doing the only other option that there was. WE just started knocking doors. Seriously I knocked 20 doors and I have never been rejected so much in my life. People would open the door and just start saying we alrready go to a church! It was rediculous. I kept going though. I got to the point we were just standing in the middle of the street and my companion just had the look on his face like what do we do now. I just started praying and went to knock one more door. I knocked the door and a old guy came and answered.. I just started praying that he would receive us. He ended up letting us in and we were able to find 2 new families in that house! The lord really is conscience of us and he always helps us especially in the moment that we want to give up! It is a blast being a district leader 5 of the 8 elders have less than 6 months in the mission so they all look up to me and when something goes wrong or they have a hard day they always call me asking for help! It is a blessing that the Lord trusts in me enough that I can do it! WE need to always live our lives so that the Lord can trust in us! Because we never know the moment that HE or someone else is going to call us! I hope you all have a great week! Love you.
Elder Lake

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